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“In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar Al-Islam. An unestablished world is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world). , Where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. "

Jihad's etymology seems to be “effort”. In order to realize world peace, Muslims must make constant efforts.
This effort seems to be of a character that must be continued forever.
Efforts to realize and maintain world peace must be maintained as long as mankind survives.
This is a rule of history.

If Muslims tried to implement this jihad during the Muhammad era, it would definitely be a war.

And that war was an ancient or medieval war. All the atrocities were carried out and the losing camp was all killed. Those who survived were enslaved.
At that time, Muslims could only choose war as a jihad method.

To that end, Jihad's = Holy War and misunderstandings were passed on to future generations.

And many Muslims would have interpreted Jihad = Holy War and Quran.

The following is my judgment on Quran's interpretation.
In Islam, one would be required to read the Quran, interpret it on its own, and implement that interpretation.
One would not be required to correctly interpret Quran.
In Islam, it is assumed that one cannot understand Allah's truth correctly.
So from the beginning, it is not required to correctly interpret Quran.
What is required of a person is to read and interpret Quran and execute the interpretation.
It seems that it is common for teachers who have received specialized education to interpret Quran and execute the interpretation.
An Islamic religious leader is the person in the teacher's position.

Even in the same person, Quran's interpretation will differ depending on the environment in which the person is placed.
Even in the same person, Quran's interpretation will change depending on the mental state at that time.
The wickedness of the person's spirit may affect Quran's interpretation.

But I don't think this would be a problem.
One can't do anything about his wickedness. One cannot understand the truth. One cannot do good with his own power.
Islam will assume that people are such powerless beings.

What is required of Muslims is to interpret Quran and do what it interprets.
By interpreting the Quran and doing the interpretation, Allah puts the person's soul into heaven.
In Islam, it is judged that way.

A leader of an Islamic country once said, "Islam is a struggle religion."
I think he was able to interpret Quran only that way.
He would have interpreted Quran himself for his soul to enter heaven.

In Islam, I don't think it will be a problem no matter what cruel things are done in the real world.
It is important that the human soul goes to heaven.
A person is a powerless being who can't do anything about his wickedness.
If that person interprets Quran and does what he interprets, Allah will put his soul into heaven.

A religious leader lived in this world, and could only interpret Quran as "suicide bombing is jihad."

In this world, Islamic sovereignty has not been established.
This present world is not Dar al-Islām.
This present world is the war world dar al-arb.

If this present world was Dar al-Islām, the religious leader might have interpreted Quran differently.

A devout Christian would be deeply saddened if he understood this. “The present international community, which is a Christian world, has become a stumbling stone for this small person.”
I interpret that the New Testament describes that even Jesus can be a stumbling block for those with weak faith.
Jesus was crucified and shed blood for this little Muslim.

I believe that devout Christians will accept the construction of Dar al-Islam, not to be a stumbling block for one small Muslim.
The important thing for Christians is to keep their inner faith.

In the modern international community, Dar al-Islām has never been built.
No one has ever seen dall al-Islām. And at this moment, it is impossible for Muslims themselves to imagine what kind of world Dar Daruislam (dār al-Islām) will be built.
Muslims will interpret the Quran by looking at the realized Dar al-Islam.
Muslims themselves do not know what interpretation they will do unless they are at that time.

One thing to point out is that the built Islamic world must be a world where Christian freedom of faith is fully respected.

A devout Christian may accept that the whole international community becomes an Islamic world because the international community does not become a stumbling block for one small Muslim.
But devout Christians never forgive the deprivation of the right to freedom of faith inside.
Christians finally choose war to defend their right to freedom of faith.
If that happens, the Islamic world is no longer dār al-Islām. Dar al-arb, the world of war.

The Islamic world that Saudi Aramco will build with 200 trillion yen Money Creation will enable innovation.

Occupational ethics in ascetic protestantism interprets that the assets gained from occupational labor are proof of God's grace.
Christians interpret it as an obligation to increase and manage assets.
With this interpretation, I think that the current global financial system is greatly restricted.
I think that this restriction is the factor that causes the economic inequality and causes the Great Depression in the world economy.
I have mentioned this in past articles.

Islamic Saudi Aramco is free from this restriction.
They will not hesitate to extinguish assets for Islamic purposes.
We will do the investment business from the Middle East to the whole Africa by maximizing the effect of 200 trillion yen of money creation.

This investment business could be implemented by the vision of people with talented politicians.

The success of the investment business has led to further credit expansion. It will enable further scale of funding.
And it will enable a larger investment business.

The size of the investment funds may eventually reach several times 200 trillion yen.

This investment business will realize a powerful economic cycle of the world economy and eliminate the Great Depression factor of the world economy.
And it will build a world that will provide a safe haven for all African nations.

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