NO.090 Innovation created by Saudi Aramco's state-owned company, Saudi Aramco, with 200 trillion yen of money creation. ・・・ Theme label: Dar al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. Category label: Religious Sociology, Jihad, Christians, Muslims

The current international community is the Christian world. The Islamic world created by Saudi Aramco will create something that does not exist in the current international community.
Christians in the international community will see the innovations created in this Islamic world and understand new possibilities.

The characteristics of these two worlds are determined by the behavior of the believers determined by these two religions.

I think the current global economy is deciding on the structure of the behavior of ascetic Protestants.
I hear that the professional ethics of the capitalist economy was determined by the biblical interpretation of the ascetic Protestant.
If an ascetic Protestant interpreted the Bible differently, the occupational ethics of the capitalist economy would have had another form.
Ascetic Protestants interpreted occupational labor as God's command.
The ascetic Protestant interpreted the assets gained from professional labor for God's purpose.
The ascetic Protestant interpreted that the assets gained from professional labor must be managed and increased.
This interpretation determined the structure of the current global financial system.

I think Christians must read the Bible and interpret it themselves.
So now Christians may have doubts about the interpretation of the Bible made by past Christians.
As a result, Christians today may be aware of problems in the current global financial system.

However, I think it would be difficult to have a vision of the global financial system that is different from the current global financial system.

But Muslims will be able to do this. Muslims behave differently than Christians.
Muslims will not be aware of the obligation to manage the assets gained from professional work.

Saudi Aramco will use the global financial system as effectively as possible to achieve Islamic purposes.
In an Islamic society, there will be no distinction between state and business when acting for Islamic purposes.

Saudi Aramco's will is Saudi Arabia's will. And the will of Saudi Arabia will be the will of Islamic society in this country.

The purpose of Saudi Aramco will be the construction of Dar al-Islam.

I examined jihad at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet. I will quote below.
This article was a turning point from the World Encyclopedia of Japan's Heibonsha.
We have determined that the copyright issue has been resolved.

“In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar Al-Islam. An unestablished world is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world). , Where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. "

Jihad's etymology seems to be “effort”. In order to realize world peace, Muslims must make constant efforts.
This effort seems to be of a character that must be continued forever.
Efforts to realize and maintain world peace must be maintained as long as mankind survives.
This is a rule of history.

Saudi Aramco will only consider Saudi Aramco itself as collateral to raise investment funds from the global financial system.
They do not hesitate to the disappearance of Saudi Aramco.

And at the moment, the Muslims themselves would not have imagined what kind of world the constructed Dar al-Islam would be.

For Muslims, everything is done with the will of Allah.
For Muslims, the built Dar al-Islam (dār al-Islām) is the intention of Allah.
There is no need for humans to know in advance.

And Muslims will read and interpret Quran by looking at the built Dar al-Islam.
At the moment, Muslims themselves don't know how they will interpret Quran.

Here are the reasons why I made this decision. This episode has been repeated in previous articles.

During the Iraq War, some Muslims looted from the collapsed Hussein administration building.
At that time, Muslim teachers read and interpreted Quran, and taught Muslims.
“Public things must be returned to the public.”
Then the Muslims carried the looted things into the mosque.

Muslims saw the actual situation, read and interpreted Quran themselves, and judged Allah's orders.
"Public things must be returned to the public" can be interpreted differently depending on the situation.
That's fine for Muslims.

For Muslims, whether or not they correctly interpret Quran will not be a problem.
Islam will assume that human beings cannot understand Allah's truth correctly.

Muslims will only be required to read and interpret the Quran and act accordingly.
Again, it doesn't matter if the Muslim is correctly interpreting Quran.

Quran can be interpreted in various ways depending on the times and the situation at that time.
All that is the will of the situation in that era is Allah's will.
Muslims will interpret Quran according to the circumstances of Allah's will.

Jihad is essentially an “effort” for the construction of dār al-Islām.
However, Jihad has been recognized as a holy war.
From the time of Muhammad, until recently, Jihad could only have been recognized as a holy war.
The only way to build Dar al-Islam was to fight and repeat the conquest.
Today's Muslims do not have to choose war to build Dar al-Islam.
Jihad will have a completely different interpretation from Holy War.

Once Dar al-Islām is built, Muslims will see the situation at that time and interpret Quran.
And the interpretation of Quran at that time may not be imaginable by Muslims themselves at this time.

Now Muslims interpreting Quran as "suicide bombing is jihad" may have a completely different interpretation in the world of Dar al-Islām. .

Now Muslims who recognize that "suicide bombing is jihad" will recognize the current international community as dār al-arb, the war world.
Some religious leaders say that Islam is a struggle religion.

I dare to say the following:
They may have failed to come up with ideas other than that.
And it may be because of the weakness of the human heart.
And if Dar al-Islām was realized in a peaceful manner, their hearts would be peaceful and they would not interpret “suicide bombing is jihad”. maybe.

I think that Muslims can be freed from the various limitations of ideas in Christians.
Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen Money Creation is expected to build Dar al-Islām.
At that time, there may be unprecedented innovation that cannot be imagined at the present time.
Christians in today's international community are largely constrained by professional ethics based on biblical interpretation of ascetic Protestant Scriptures.
Muslim ideas are free from these restrictions.

Muslims have an obligation to spread Islam.
The purpose of the mission is the construction of Dar al-Islam.
Converting an individual to Islam is not the purpose of a recession.
I hear that Islam prohibits enforcing faith.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Christians never allow others to take away the right to freedom of faith inside. Christians will eventually choose war to protect their freedom of faith.
If this war is to occur, the Islamic world is not Dar al-Islām.
The respect for the right to freedom of faith within Christians will be strictly adhered to.

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