NO.087 Initial public offering of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian state-owned company. ・・・ Theme label: Dar al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. Category label: Religious Sociology, Jihad, Christians, Muslims

In past history, the Islamic world provided a haven for Christians who became refugees as heretics.
I hear that Islam is a generous religion.
Islam commands Muslims to spread Islam.
However, I heard that Islam is also commanding not to force faith.

About why Islam orders Muslims to proclaim.
“A world that is not an Islamic world is a war world.
Therefore, the war world must be the Islamic world. "
I heard that in Islam this is the case.
Therefore, in a world that has become an Islamic world, there is no need to force people to believe in Islam.
Logically consistent.

What Africans want is a peaceful world without killing each other.
And it will be a world where each race is respected.
The Islamic world offers what Africans want.

Saudi Aramco would have determined that building an Islamic world in Africa is "fit for Allah's way."

Saudi Aramco chose action according to religious beliefs.

All intentions and power are concentrated.
Saudi Aramco itself is just a tool for the purpose. No matter what crisis Saudi Aramco is exposed to, they will not hesitate.

Saudi Aramco will accomplish what Christians can't even imagine.
Let me explain.
Ascetic Protestants interpreted occupational labor as God's mission. And I interpreted God's will to be profitable through occupational labor.
Therefore, the idea of ​​throwing away assets will be difficult for Christians.
It would be difficult for Christians to come up with methods other than the current world finance.
Christians are bound by ideological constraints.

Saudi Aramco will put Saudi Aramco itself into Money creation to achieve maximum effect.

An unprecedented amount of funds will be invested to build an Islamic world in an area that extends from the Middle East to all over Africa.

Saudi Aramco is free to think because of ideological restrictions in Christianity.
And according to religious beliefs, all the power of the heart is put into the realization of the purpose.
It may bring about innovation that Christians can't imagine. And it may bring about a global revolution.

And the construction of the Islamic world can be an ideological test for Christians.
Suicide bombing by some Muslims may disappear.

If the construction of the Islamic world eliminated the suicide bombing by some Muslims, Muslims would interpret as follows:
“Some Muslims do suicide bombing because it is a war world.
If the war world becomes an Islamic world, they will no longer commit suicide. "

In Islam, I recognize that if a teacher interprets Quran and a Muslim acts according to the teacher's interpretation, he is deemed to have obeyed Allah's command.

In Islam it is believed that humans cannot understand the truth of Allah. Therefore, teachers will not be required from the beginning to correctly interpret Quran.
Teachers can read Quran, make their own judgments, interpret them, and pass the interpretations to Muslims.
I understand that if a Muslim obeys his teacher's interpretation, he will be considered to have obeyed Allah's command.

During the Iraq war, some Muslims had looted government facilities.
At that time, the teacher read and interpreted the scriptures and told Muslims that "public things must be returned to the public."
The Muslims then carried the looted things into the mosque.

From this episode, I made this decision.

Because this world is a war world, Muslim teachers read the scriptures and interpreted that "suicide bombing is jihad."
However, when the war world becomes an Islamic world, teachers look at the Islamic world and decide that "the scriptures should be interpreted differently."

Because the Christian world is a war world, the teachers interpreted "suicide bombing is jihad".
So when the Christian world became an Islamic world, teachers no longer interpreted it as "suicide bombing is jihad."

I think that Muslims will think that way.

Christians may look at the built Islamic world and judge, “In this world, Muslims will not interpret suicide bombings as jihad.”

I think that devout Christians would judge:

“Making this world a Christian world by our judgment may have caused some Muslims to get into Temptation.
And they may be stumble. "
The Bible says, "You must not let others meet in the Temptation." The Bible also says, "Don't stumble other people."
God knows human weakness. So the Bible commands people like this.

“We had Muslims meet the Temptation and this thing stumbled them.”

I think that devout Christians would interpret this way.

At the moment, Christians will probably not be able to imagine this.
Because no one has ever seen the Islamic world that has been built.

The modern international community was established as a result of religious reform. The essence of the international community was the Christian world.
If Saudi Aramco has completed the construction of the Islamic world, the Islamic world will be built in the international community for the first time in history.
The Islamic world will be a world that no one has ever seen before.

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