NO.088 How will Christians respond? ・・・ Theme label: Dar al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. Category label: Religious Sociology, Jihad, Christians, Muslims

Even if Saudi Aramco builds an Islamic world from the Middle East to the whole of Africa, I think it will be no problem for Christians.
The current international community is a Christian world. Even if this whole international community becomes an Islamic world, I think that there is no problem for Christians.

Return Caesar's things to Caesar and God's things to God = “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God ’s”

In the Islamic world, Christians can return Muhammad's things to Muhammad.

What is important for Christians is that Christians face God in their conscience.
Christians must distinguish between the inside and the outside. Human beings as creatures live in a secular world.
And we must follow the ethical standards of the secular world.

Christians must follow Caesar's Code of Ethics if the secular world is Caesar's.
Christians must follow Muhammad's code of ethics if the secular world is Muhammad's world.

However, for Christians, internal faith is important and must be protected.

I repeat what I mentioned in the previous article.
Muslims have an obligation to spread Islam. The reason is that the non-Islamic world is a war world.
Muslims have an obligation to make the war world an Islamic world.
For this reason, Muslims have an obligation to spread Islam.
However, it is not permissible to force Islamic faith in individuals.
Muslims provide a peaceful world for Christians within the Muslim world.

As I wrote in the previous article, the reason why some Muslims commit suicide bombings may be because the international community is a Christian world.
Because the international community is a Christian world, teachers may interpret the scriptures and judge that "suicide bombing is jihad."
In Islam, people think that they cannot understand the truth of Allah.
Teachers are required to interpret the scriptures themselves.
Because human beings are weak, depending on the environment, the interpretation of the teacher's scriptures will change.
If it was an Islamic world, teachers may not have interpreted "suicide bombing is jihad."

If you understand this. A devout Christian will suffer. The fact that the international community was a Christian society became a tripping stone for some Muslims.
For such Muslims, Jesus shed blood on the cross.

Muslims participate in business born in Christian society.
If Christians adhere to Christian ethical standards, they will not violate Allah's path in Islam.

Even if the international community becomes an Islamic world, there will be no problem for Christians.

The problem between Muslims and Christianity is solved.

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