NO.097 How does China's Belt and Road get involved in this? ・・・ Theme label: Dar Al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. Category label: Macroeconomics, Religious Sociology, Jihad, Belt and Road

Muslims have an obligation to spread Islam. The purpose of the mission is the construction of Dar al-Islam.

For Dar al-Islam, I use the following as the sole basis:

I examined jihad at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet. I will quote below.
This article was a turning point from the World Encyclopedia of Japan's Heibonsha.
We have determined that the copyright issue has been resolved.

“In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar Al-Islam. An unestablished world is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world). , Where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. "

Jihad's etymology seems to be “effort”. In order to realize world peace, Muslims must make constant efforts.
This effort seems to be of a character that must be continued forever.
Efforts to realize and maintain world peace must be maintained as long as mankind survives.
This is a rule of history.

Once Saudi Aramco built dār al-Islām from the Middle East to all over Africa, China would be able to realize the Belt and Road.
The purpose of Dar al-Islām is to build a world without war, and the purpose of Belt and Road is to build an economic zone in relation to Win Win.
Both of these will help each other.

China's military expansion will not be an obstacle. The purpose of China's military expansion is pure deterrence.
War is an obstacle to economic success.

Anyone who intends to set up a war in China is discouraged from seeing China's military power and setting up a war. ... This is the purpose of China.

Japan's Abe administration seems to be developing war diplomacy with China as a virtual enemy.
Since Japan and the United States have signed a Japan-US security treaty, war diplomacy of the Abe administration creates the risk of war between the United States and China.
“The security environment in Japan has deteriorated significantly compared to the Cold War era in the United States and the Soviet Union,” says Prime Minister Abe.
“The country of Japan must be protected by ourselves,” Prime Minister Abe said.
Prime Minister Abe insists on a constitutional amendment.
The draft constitutional amendment seems to be a constitution that transforms Japan into a fascist state and transforms Japan into a war state.

I want to prevent constitutional amendments. If the constitution is revised, there is no doubt that Japan will become a fascist state again.

If Dar Al-Islam finds a way to create a war-free world, China can rest assured.
China's military power is for China to feel secure. The one who wants a war is to see the military power of China and understand the disadvantages of doing war.

Dar al-Islām is a war-free world in the situation and a belt and road in the economy.

Dar al-Islam does not have to be a sovereign state.
The sovereignty of Dar al-Islam does not have to be national sovereignty.
The sovereign state is a system of the Christian world. National sovereignty is the philosophy of the Christian world.
Dar al-Islām is the original creation of the Islamic world from the Christian world.

If China appreciates the proposal made by Dar al-Islam, it will support it.
This will be Islamic sovereignty.

Belt and Road, which became Dar al-Islām, will receive approval from the international community.
As a result, I think Russia is more likely to actively participate in this.

As a result, I think the next innovation will be created.

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