NO.109 If I get cancer, can I leave offspring in the future? ・・・ Theme label: Japan's Supreme Court rulings that violate the constitution

On October 1, 2019, I will have a medical medical examination. I am now dominated by one obsession.

"Can cancer be found."

If you get cancer, can you leave offspring in the future?

I am 60 years old now. I am single with no marriage history. The present hope is to leave the offspring in the future. Only that can be considered.
I don't know if I have the ability to leave offspring. Still, I want to leave my offspring in the future. Even if I get cancer, I want to keep my offspring in the future.

When I was young, I needed a long time to get mentally bad and recover. I couldn't get married.
I was able to recover now. When I was in my twenties, I didn't think I could recover so far.

And now I am checking my heart. I want to leave offspring even if I get cancer. I want a woman who will give birth to my child to have my child even if I have cancer.

I don't know if I can live until my child grows up. Still, I want a woman who gives birth to my child to give birth to my child.

Now I made this conclusion.
And for this purpose, I decided to focus all my will.

Then, the following conclusion came out. God is the only person who has the authority to judge this choice.
I have confirmed myself that human beings cannot forgive this trial.

Power is justified violence. Small violence by a weak individual is punishable. But huge violence by power is justified.
I don't speak violence. Violence does not allow a powerless individual to achieve the purpose of protecting his rights.

Here is the question.

About the compulsory sterilization operation trial by the former eugenic protection law, which was recently decided at the Sendai High Court.

Under the guidance of the former Ministry of Health and Welfare, a person with intellectual disability was given an infertility operation without explanation to the person.

The Sendai High Court ruled that the former Eugenic Protection Law violates Article 13 of the Japanese Constitution, which guaranteed the right to pursue personal happiness.

The right to pursue personal well-being is not guaranteed indefinitely.
A line must be drawn between the happiness that is allowed by the people and the happiness that is not allowed.
It would be a ruling that the Japanese government would do the drawing.

The government decides the happiness that is allowed by the people and the happiness that is not allowed.

I argue that the former Eugenic Protection Law is a violation of Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution.
Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan guarantees individuals the basic human rights that all humankind has cultivated throughout history.

I insist that people with intellectual disabilities have their own children as a basic human right universal to all mankind.
I am thinking about the possibility of having a forced infertility operation because I will not leave offspring when I become cancerous.
I think people with intellectual disabilities who have been forced to undergo infertility surgery will have the same itch that I will have.

This is a tentative story. If I had a special ability that would be totally powerless in any state power, I would not be able to stay without revenge on that ability.

It is my intention to say that I will not forgive that someone else who is a human being will do the referee saying "I must not have a child with cancer."

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