NO.105 Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities exposed by the Chiba Prefecture power outage ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

The other day, Typhoon No. 15 landed in the Kanto region, and the entire area of ​​Chiba Prefecture has not recovered from the power outage.
I point out one concern.

Is there no danger of epidemic outbreaks?

Currently, refrigeration facilities will be unavailable throughout Chiba Prefecture. I heard that the incineration facility for combustible waste is also inoperable.
In Chiba Prefecture, garbage and foodstuffs will rot and cannot be dealt with.

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago, I think there might have been a fortune.
The time was March 11, and the progress of corruption was slow, which may have escaped the epidemic.

Even on the battlefield, I hear that the epidemic of epidemics will be triggered if proper battlefield processing is not performed.

The possibility of an accident is not limited to the epidemic. Because the power supply is stopped throughout Chiba Prefecture, the city function will be paralyzed.
Neither the Japanese government nor the governor of Chiba Prefecture knows what is happening throughout Chiba Prefecture.
It seems that communication has been interrupted throughout Chiba Prefecture.

Neither the Japanese government nor the Governor of Chiba will be aware of the crisis because there will be no contact from the accident.

It does not necessarily mean “no accident has occurred”. Even if an accident occurs, the means of contact is lost.

In two weeks, the power supply will be restored. At that time, both the Japanese government and the Governor of Chiba Prefecture will know for the first time that the accident has continued without being addressed.

The serious lack of crisis management capabilities of the Japanese government was revealed.

Prompt dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces should have been done. If the fallen tree is in the way and power recovery is not progressing, you should speed up the process of falling the tree by using the SDF's all-out power.

Prompt recovery from the destruction of the land will be the mission of the SDF.

American troops during World War II had the ability to recover quickly even if the base was destroyed.
The United States won the war because of its ability to recover.
Recovery in war and recovery in disaster will be the same.

The Japanese government does not understand this.

The Chiba governor should have requested the Japanese government to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces.

Before that, was the Self-Defense Force prepared for recovery from the destruction of the land?

The Japanese prime minister may only think of himself as the Supreme Commander, ordering the Self-Defense Forces and destroying enemy forces.

The Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo period was preparing for a major fire in Edo. Edo's rapid restoration system was prepared across Japan.

Prompt restoration of infrastructure destroyed by war is also necessary for national defense.
The Self-Defense Forces should be prepared for their abilities.
If that is not possible, the Self-Defense Forces cannot recover from the disaster.

Or does the Japanese government say that the government was unable to deal with it promptly due to a flaw in the Japanese constitution?

“There is no emergency provision in the Constitution of Japan, so the Prime Minister was unable to order the SDF to be dispatched promptly,” says the Japanese government?

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