NO.057 What is the value of GAFA? Anyway, I'm thinking about doing a lot to control their strategy for my purpose. My purpose is the safety of our lives. My concern is whether this choice is made according to a vision that GAFA has built with insight into the essence. ・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression.What kind of world is GAFA looking at? Category label: Macroeconomics

First, present my vision. As a result, I may be able to convince the other party if he decides, "If we do not listen to what he says, it will be difficult."

Present the vision to GAFA, that is, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple.
And if I can persuade GAFA, I can take control of the situation.
The actions of giant companies like GAFA have a considerable impact on the whole world. It is possible that harmless individuals can be hurt.

Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra, if invested by investors, could also cause a deflationary spiral in the global economy.
Libra must remain free from foreign exchange gains and losses, whatever.

Everyone in the world must be able to purchase products with Facebook's personal account in a common currency, Libra, regardless of nationality.
In order for anyone in a small and medium-sized country to purchase goods in a stable manner, it must be able to diversify the risks between their home currency and Libra.

If Facebook doesn't currently have this vision, it must be persuaded to present it to Facebook.

Facebook currently has 2 billion subscribers worldwide. However, this huge network will not be integrated at this time to function for a specific purpose.
With the introduction of Libra, this huge network will be integrated for the first time to function for a specific purpose.

Facebook will put all the power it has in order to make Libra work in its own huge network.

Facebook was able to have a consistent purpose and put all the power it has into it.

This concentration of power will enable new creations.

All of GAFA have grown into giants through repeated acquisitions.
My concern is whether this choice is made according to the vision they have built with insight into the essence.
This is all.

GAFA acquires technologies developed by various venture companies through acquisitions. However, what they produce by it depends on what vision they have and are doing it.

Appropriately identify the purpose and organize the acquired technology reasonably. In order to achieve this purpose, all powers will be rationally input.
As a result, new creation is realized.
GAFA can create something new by acquiring and organizing these various technologies through acquisitions.

I've heard criticism that GAFA continues to remove the budding potential of new venture companies, but this possibility should also be pointed out.

I think that there are many powerless companies in each venture company. Even if they develop new technologies, it is often difficult to create something new themselves as the next step.

If GAFA builds a vision according to insights into its essence and concentrates all its powers for a consistent purpose, it will create something new and solve the problem.

But if not, GAFA will not produce anything and will not solve anything. However, the figure has only been enlarged.

However, the fact that GAFA is not afraid of risk and continues to repeat acquisitions with great efforts suggests that there is a sense of purpose.

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