NO.067 UN Enemy State Clause , there is no option that Japan will not use it.The United Nations is equivalent to the World Organization established for Japan.     ・・・ Theme label: The possibility of the dissolution of the United Nations by America First, purpose of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty. Category label: Charter of the United Nations

There are those who say that the current Constitution of Japan is "Constitution that has been pressed against the war."

That doesn't matter to me. How great is the Constitution of Japan for Japan? This is important.
The Constitution of Japan has continued to guarantee the choice of the Japanese people with a responsible and free will.

This is Japan's greatest weapon. An individual's responsible and free will is a weapon.
This will overcome the difficulties. When faced with difficulties, overcoming the difficulties is the choice of the individual's responsible free will.

I am grateful to Marshal MacArthur's GHQ for ensuring that the basic human rights of individuals are covered in the Constitution of Japan.

The United States created the United Nations with a great vision. The United States understood that peaceful resolution of the problem and the protection of the individual's basic human rights were necessary above all.

From my point of view, the United Nations is a global organization that was created for Japan, given the amount of profit it can earn.
In reality, it will be. The United Nations was also established as a mechanism to monitor the fascist state that was defeated in World War II.

The United Nations is an international organization created for Japan. The existence of the UN Enemy State Clause proves this.

Article 107
Any provision of this Charter invalidates any actions taken by the government responsible for that action during World War II that were taken or permitted by the government responsible for that action, Or it is not excluded.

The United Nations is responsible for actions taken in accordance with Security Council resolutions. This is a rule in human society.
However, the United Nations has declared that it cannot be held responsible to Japan.

The choice of Japan must be made at the responsibility of the original member states of the United Nations.
This choice was made by the original member states when the United Nations was established. The original member states must continue to be responsible for the choices they make at this time. That is the rule of human society.

So if Japan chooses to remain a member of the United Nations for its own purposes, the United Nations must not be dissolved.
The original member countries, together with Japan, are obligated to see the realization of Japan's purpose.

Now that the United States has ceased to be a leader responsible for the world situation and changed its mind to America First, the United Nations may have lost centripetal power and the possibility of dissolution.
However, I will not let the United Nations dissolve. I will control the situation and realize the purpose.
The United Nations is a highly valuable tool for achieving its objectives. There is no option of not using it.

The principles of the Charter of the United Nations dominate the world situation. For 70 years, the principle of peaceful resolution of problems and the protection of the basic human rights of individuals have become centripetal forces and have been able to solve the problems.
For 70 years, the principles of the Charter of the United Nations have been proven to be appropriate.
So for 70 years, the United Nations did not dissolve.

People will try to make sure. Whether the philosophy that has been proven to be appropriate for 70 years is still appropriate?
It can attract people's interests worldwide. Those who can present solutions can move people on a global scale.

The original Member State is responsible for establishing the Enemy State Clause.
They are responsible for the development of the situation.
Those who present a solution will be able to involve them without unavoidability.

There is no option to not use this. ... This is the meaning of the title of this article.

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