NO.076 The meaning that the Chinese government puts up the philosophy of One country, two systems. It will be to fulfill the governance responsibility. This is probably because the vast land where many ethnic groups coexist is not made a conflict zone. The Chinese government has been struggling since its founding. So the Chinese government can now understand the neighboring countries that have won independence. ・・・ Theme label: One country two systems. The Chinese government understands neighboring countries that are now gaining independence.

We tend to be interested in people who have not achieved democracy, such as the Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Here, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal and Bhutan are regarded as neighboring countries from China.
I am not surprised if China claims these countries to be part of China.
These countries have achieved to remain independent and have achieved what China considers to be independent.

Hong Kong and Uyghur have not been able to become independent countries.

China will not be able to admit Uyghur's independence, apart from ideological reasons.
Uyghur is a multi-ethnic group. Languages, cultures and religions vary.
I don't think Uyghur has been able to unite as a Uyghur. In this situation, if Uyghur separates from China, the vast whole Uyghur will become a conflict zone.
If that happens, Russia will enter. Russia would not tolerate the adjoining Uyghurs becoming a conflict zone.

If Uyghur is now separated from China, the whole Uyghur will definitely become a conflict zone.
This is happening in many other parts of the world.

The Chinese government understands what conflicts are caused by ethnic differences, traditions, and religions.
China itself has experienced this.

There will be no people who do not wish for harmony with other peoples. To hate the other person is a tremendous suffering.
Everyone will wish to be freed from this suffering.
But no one can do anything.

The Han people will reject the Uyghur people. The Uyghur people themselves will exclude other peoples.
This issue has not been resolved inside Uyghur, so if Uyghur is separated from China, Uyghur will definitely become a conflict zone.

In Manchuria, the Chinese government seems to have succeeded. Manchuria is the land of Manchu people.
The harmony between the Manchu and the Han people seems to have been successful. At least the reconciliation between the two races will be so successful that the issue of independence will not surface.
The Chinese government should have struggled and succeeded in reconciling the two races.

Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia have the same problems and have achieved unification as independent countries.
These countries are also regarded as independent countries from neighboring powers other than China.

These countries have various backgrounds in history and seem to have won their current position.
If Uyghur could become independent, it would have realized independence before the formation of the People's Republic of China.
The countries that have won independence now seem to have done so. He always kept his will of independence and won the independence when the opportunity came.

Now, independent countries seem to have experienced war and other tragedy. I think that these countries have come to understand various things in the course of progress and have found a way to continue to maintain themselves as a nation.
I think these countries are finding ways to interact with their neighbors.

Those who are regarded as Uyghur leaders in Japan have been exiled to Japan without trying to unify Uyghur for the sake of Uyghur independence.

It seems that the People's Republic of China has also struggled since its founding.
I recall Mr. Kakuei Tanaka's words when normalizing Japan-China diplomatic relations.
“China's current leaders, both the Nationalist Party and the Communist Party, have been struggling. Now China has all been in trouble. The leaders now understand what they need, so we have to realize normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China while they are leaders. . "

Even after the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, the People's Republic of China seems to have struggled.
It seems that the People's Republic of China has been experiencing the same experience as its neighboring country.
So I think the People's Republic of China can understand these neighboring countries.

I think the Chinese government only thinks of fulfilling its responsibility for governance.

The Chinese government will have no room for thinking other than fulfilling its responsibility for governance.
The Communist Party administration would have continued to fulfill its governance responsibilities in order to continue its survival.
It must have been a repetitive struggle.

The Chinese Communist Party administration can decide what to choose to fulfill its governance responsibilities.
I think the Chinese Communist Party administration has determined that it should not accept Hong Kong's democratization requirements.

The Chinese government's judgment is appropriate.

We all have to choose the means that make it possible to achieve our objectives, right?
The method chosen by the Hong Kong democratization organization is just to repeat the demo. No matter how many demonstrations are repeated, if the Chinese government continues to say no, the goal cannot be achieved.

If the demonstrations like this continue, the social functions in Hong Kong will continue to be paralyzed.
Tourists shy away from Hong Kong and companies from other countries that have entered Hong Kong will withdraw.
The Chinese government is not in trouble. Only the people of Hong Kong are in trouble.
Hong Kong people can only choose a method that can only help them strangle themselves, rather than being totally useless.
I think the Chinese government will remain quiet. Eventually, Hong Kong will self-destruct. So everything will be solved.

Hong Kong is now protected by the United States, so you can repeat these stupid demonstrations.
Hong Kong demonstrations are spoiled by America.
If done in other countries, such a demonstration would have been suppressed as a mob.

Those who realize democratization choose the means to achieve their objectives in a situation where demos are suppressed.

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