NO.083 Space travel may be the duty of wealthy people.Stop the global economy from falling into the Great Depression. Anyway, please use assets.Asset owners. Let's take a space trip. If asset owners use assets, Great Depression is blocked.・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression. Category label: Macroeconomics

Asset owners. Space travel may be your duty.
Stop the global economy from falling into the Great Depression. Anyway, please use assets.

Asset owners.
As your wealth expands, the world economy falls into the Great Depression.
Assetists are looting wealth from low-income people on a global scale.
The wealthy are doing the right thing. But there is a market failure.
Asset owners manage their assets in financial markets. The global financial system plunders wealth from low-income people and provides asset managers with wealth.
As a result, assets of wealthy people will expand, and at the same time, poverty will increase worldwide.
If the poverty group continues to expand, the economic cycle will eventually be cut off and the world economy will fall into the Great Depression.

The Great Depression (Great) is a collapsing process in which the emergence of a large number of unemployed people and the deterioration of corporate performance progress simultaneously.
The Great Depression is not a recession. There is no self-recovery due to the economic cycle.
In order to overcome the Great Depression, external economic restoration measures are required.

Unemployed people have no income and cannot purchase goods.
For the industry, products are produced and cannot be purchased, so companies stop production and fire workers. And due to the deterioration of corporate performance, the company itself goes bankrupt.
As a result, more and more unemployed people appear and the performance of more and more companies deteriorates.

Here, if you give income to the unemployed, you will purchase goods, so that your business performance will recover and you will hire workers again.
The economic cycle is resumed.

As a last resort, the government exercises power and collects huge taxes from wealthy.
And the government uses the tax as a financial source for public works,
Employ unemployed and pay wages.
Because the purpose is to make the unemployed earn income, there is no problem even if the government does useless public works.
The government may build a pyramid and dismantle it again.

I mentioned it in a previous article.

I think that wealthy people are aware of this situation. However, the danger of the Great Depression is probably not serious yet.

However, according to the vision of Belt and Road, China continues to invest the profits drawn from the world economy in poverty zones around the world.
In today's world economy, it is maintaining a severe economic cycle.
To that end, asset owners may continue to manage their assets with peace of mind, and the world's poor people may continue to expand quietly.
The energy of the Great Depression may continue to accumulate.
If China's Belt and Road breaks down for any reason, the global economy will enter the Great Depression.

Asset owners. Let's take a space trip. If asset owners use assets, Great Depression is blocked.
The wealthy people are just accumulating assets and not using them, causing a Great Depression in the global economy.

Space travel is a duty of the wealthy.

And I think the wealthy are already aware of what I have stated.
A lot of people are now expressing their participation in space travel, right?

I will appeal this to many people all over the world.

"Space travel to prevent the global economy from falling into the Great Depression."
If this sense of purpose can be shared by people all over the world, entrepreneurs can enter the space travel industry with courage.

In a project to prevent entry into the Great Depression of the global economy, can wealthy people prove to the whole world the significance of being an innovator?

A Japanese entrepreneur from an online mail order venture for clothing will participate in a space trip.
He is planning a space trip around the moon, selecting about 10 artists.
He plans to have selected artists create works by showing the moon from the spacecraft.

There is value that nobody can buy with money.

No one can buy what I really want with money.
I have no point in living if I can't get what I really want.
I don't want huge wealth.
And if someone stops me from getting what I really want, I will retaliate.

I mentioned this before.

So, the entrepreneur I mentioned here pays a huge amount of money to create value that no one can buy with money.

Artists will not be able to produce the artwork without seeing the moon view from the spaceship.
The artists can't see the moon view from the spacecraft by themselves.
However, the entrepreneur can make this happen.

Everyone has the potential to create something new that other people do not.
However, if someone needs a lot of money to create something new, it is difficult for many people to do.
However, wealthy can do this.

By achieving this, the wealthy people are prevented from entering the Great Depression of the global economy.

If this is the case, this is the obligation of the wealthy, according to Noblesse oblige's philosophy.

I think so, how is it?

I hope repeatedly. Asset owners. Please prevent the global economy from entering the Great Depression.

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