NO.068 President Trump announced his intention to purchase Greenland. The Danish Prime Minister said, “Greenland is not for sale.” For example, if either the United States or China wins Greenland Island, the two countries will face each other directly across a narrow sea area. ・・・Theme label: The purpose of President Trump's purchase of Greenland., President Trump's political method.

President Trump announced his intention to purchase Greenland. ... The Danish Prime Minister said, "Greenland is not for sale."

I think President Trump has in mind that China's Belt and Road Initiative also covers the Arctic Ocean.
For some time, America would have had this will. Perhaps China decided to make an announcement at this time because of the realization of the Belt and Road Initiative.

China will also want to buy Greenland.
China has continued to prove its ability to act.
Until now, many developments have been realized in Africa. The Nansha Islands are also developing rapidly once China begins development.
If the countries claiming sovereignty over the Nansha Islands had realized the development of the Nansha Islands early on, there was no room for China to enter.

In order for the territorial rights to be approved, it seems important to have a track record of fulfilling the responsibility for governance.
The countries that have claimed the territorial rights of the Nansha Islands would have been abandoning their responsibility for governance.
I understand that China now has a state in which it can claim the administration because it has practically fulfilled its responsibility to govern.

China continues to make serious efforts to develop the Arctic Sea Route.
If China realizes the purchase of Greenland, the development of Greenland's rich natural resources will proceed rapidly.

Greenland's own will will be important.
Greenland wants to be independent from Denmark. Already has acquired a high degree of autonomy from Denmark.
Greenland has demonstrated its willingness and ability to fulfill its governance responsibilities for Greenland Island.

Greenland will have a good understanding of the situation in which it is in the world.
Greenland will be willing to play an appropriate role for the whole world in the circumstances in which it is placed.

Anyone who gains Greenland Island can gain substantial control over the Arctic Ocean. The United States, China, and Russia will want this.
Here, many countries around the world would not want Greenland Island to be acquired by any one of these three countries.

Without a doubt, it will create a tense world situation.

For example, if either the United States or China wins Greenland Island, the two countries will face each other directly across a narrow sea area.
Something triggers, and tensions increase rapidly.

Until now, Greenland Island should have played the role of a buffer area between these three countries.
Greenland, who has proven his willingness and ability to fulfill his governance responsibilities, understands this.

Greenland will take on the role of coordinating these three countries.

Here, let me mention Greenland's independence issue from the standpoint of Greenland's position as the coordinator of these three countries.

I think that if Greenland continues to be a Danish autonomous state, it will take less effort to fulfill this role.
As long as Greenland continues to be a Danish autonomous state, the Greenland issue will be a Danish issue for other countries.
Since Denmark is a member of the EU, the Greenland issue becomes an EU issue.
“This issue is a bilateral issue between our nation and Greenland. Third countries should not interfere.”
No country can make this claim.

The purpose of Greenland's role of coordinating these three countries is to achieve peaceful and stable Arctic Ocean conditions.
To that end, the consent of countries around the world is required. At this time, EU participation in this issue is guaranteed.
Greenland can omit one effort.

And I think Greenland is the right choice to ask the Danish government for the right to negotiate with other countries on this issue.
The Danish government addresses this issue as a matter of others. However, Greenland addresses this issue as a problem that concerns its own survival.
The most responsible person should be the leader.
If the Danish government rejects Greenland's request, I think it is appropriate for Greenland to choose independence.

I think the Danish government should make proposals that Greenland can accept.
The proposals made by the Danish government will determine the level of trust in Greenland's Danish government.

The Danish government needs to prove to Greenland that he is a competent diplomat.

A competent diplomat properly understands the situation. And a competent diplomat will properly judge what can and cannot be done.
A competent diplomat then makes a proposal that is evaluated as having no other option.
If the proposed person is competent, understand this.

If both are competent, large projects are possible. Both sides understand what should be done. Both sides understand what shouldn't be done. Both sides understand their division of roles. Both sides understand that the other person plays a role.

And both sides can't lose their trust. When one of them loses the other party's trust, the project fails.
A competent person understands that the other party is not suitable for trusting and entrusting, and chooses another means.

In a project for Greenland to realize the peaceful stability of the Arctic Ocean situation.
When Greenland is competent and understands that Denmark should trust and trust with Greenland, Denmark can get the most benefit.

About natural resource development in Greenland. China will want to enter.
However, I have a big problem. When Greenland's continental glaciers melt, the sea level around the world rises 7 meters.
It becomes a global environmental problem. Isn't New York submerged?
President Trumb will not ignore this issue.
As long as this danger exists, President Trump will not allow China to enter.

Unless this problem is completely solved, Greenland's natural resource development will not be possible.

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