NO.063 With America First, the strategic map of the world will be repainted. With America First, multiple leaders equal to America have emerged, How does Dar al-Islam judge Japan's constitutional amendment? ・・・ Theme label: The possibility of the dissolution of the United Nations by America First,The purpose of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty

Currently, the United States has decided America First. This will change the strategic map of the world situation.

After World War II, the United States became a world leader. Until now, the United States was an absolute leader leading the world.
Other countries, such as Russia and China, had to respect the world system led by the United States.

The reason is that most other countries have respected the will of America as a top priority.
For the will of Russia and China, most other countries did not give top priority.

America has been trusted by countries around the world.
“If we respect the will of the United States, there will be no mistake.” Many countries in the world have trusted that.
The United States has continued to be trusted by countries all over the world, even if the international policy has changed dramatically due to the change of the president.

The United States has now changed its mind from the leader who leads the world situation to America First.
Countries around the world have recognized this. And all over the world came to recognize the need to revise their policies.

There is no doubt that many countries in the world have continued to receive protection in a world situation led by the United States.
From now on, each country will have to make voluntary choices to protect its own interests.

Inevitably, cooperation between many countries and Russia and China will be sought.
China and Russia, and even India, will establish themselves as world leaders.
For these countries, the possibility of cooperation with various countries, which has been difficult until now, has increased dramatically.

Until now, the United States was the top leader. From now on, multiple leaders will emerge, equivalent to the US
This is the choice of the United States.

For example, Russia will participate in China's Belt and Road i. And for many other countries, this will be one of the important options.

I can give you two reasons why America could become a world leader.
One is that the United States is a superpower that can fulfill its responsibilities as a leader.
Second, immediately after World War II, the vision envisioned by the United States was appropriate.

At the end of World War II, the understanding of the world economy changed. Until then, great powers have relied on management for colonial management to maintain their economies.
It was understood that this imperialism was detrimental to the maintenance of its own economy.
It was understood that it would be beneficial for the economies of each country that the colonies were all independent and that the world economy shifted to a free trade system.
I was taught this by Professor Naoki Komuro.

In history, there are the League of Nations and the United Nations as international organizations on a global scale. Both were advocated by the United States.
I think the United States is a country that can envision a vision of a federal system of multiple nations.

As the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, it was set up to solve the problems faced in a peaceful manner regardless of force and to guarantee the basic human rights of individuals.
The United Nations was created with its principles set in accordance with a proper understanding of the nature of the world situation.

The United Nations was a success. The conditions for each country to join the United Nations should respect the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
This means that UN member states understand the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and have chosen a position to respect them.
In other words, it is extremely effective for unifying the will for peace in the countries of the world.

If this situation is not established, each country must first start by confirming the will of the other country.
First of all, everything begins with a sense of caution against each other, and even distrust.
It is extremely difficult to unite multiple nations for a single purpose.

At that time, America had a job that had to do one thing. Conclusion of a peace treaty with the defeated country of World War II.
The guarantee that the tragedy of World War II would not be repeated would have been a condition for the conclusion of the peace treaty.
The condition for the conclusion of Japan's peace treaty with the Allies would have been that Japan would become a pacifist and a democracy that would guarantee the basic human rights of the people.
For that purpose, MacArthur's GHQ has enacted the Constitution of Japan.
If the Japanese make their own constitution, it will become a repetition of the Great Japanese Empire.
However, American MacArthurs would not have understood how to make a Japanese constitution.
Therefore, the Charter of the United Nations was rewritten as a sentence of the Japanese Constitution, and the preamble of the Japanese Constitution was made using the preamble of the United States Constitution as a model.
I think so now.

The Japanese Constitution should be interpreted on the basis of the Charter of the United Nations.

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is limited to sovereign states seeking peace. Terrorists are outside the scope of this article.
Article 1 (1) of the Charter of the United Nations mentions the right to collective self-defense.
The purpose of collective self-defense is to fight terrorism. Therefore, there is no problem for Japan to participate in the exercise of collective self-defense under the current constitution of Japan.

For the past 70 years, this has never been understood by any Japanese.
In the past 70 years, no one in Japan has properly understood the Constitution of Japan.
For the past 70 years, there has been a controversial dispute in Japan. All the discussions were empty discussions in a completely ununderstood state of the Constitution of Japan.
In Japan today, there is no idea that “we can correct mistakes from now on”.

As I mentioned several times in the past, the historical significance of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

What I have just said will be a big profit for Japan. United Nations member countries respect the United Nations Charter.
Therefore, the members of the United Nations will respect Japan that complies with the current Constitution of Japan.
Therefore, in this environment, Japan can conclude that a country that uses force against Japan is a terrorist.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces are not banned from fighting terrorists. The fight against terrorists is outside the scope of international law.
The Self-Defense Force can fight a war where the losing side is genocide.
This should be a great deterrent to the use of force against Japan.

The reason I have mentioned the Constitution of Japan and the United Nations is to make a proposal to Japan.

What has supported the centripetal power of member states for the United Nations is the trust in the United States, the world leader.
The fact that the United States has changed its will to the home country creates the possibility that the centripetal power of the member countries to the United Nations will fade.
The dissolution of the United Nations may also occur.

I propose that Japan remain a member of the United Nations. As long as Japan continues to join, the United Nations will not be dissolved.
Countries around the world must respect Japan according to the Charter of the United Nations.

The principles of the Charter of the United Nations are fundamental principles necessary for a free trade system that supports the world economy.

For Japan, the United Nations is an international organization established for Japan, considering the amount of profit that Japan can obtain.
The target of the Enemy State Clause is Japan. Few countries have been positioned as important countries like Japan by the United Nations.
Such a United Nations is valuable for Japan.

Lastly, the Constitution of Japan, established under the guidance of MacArthur's GHQ, has given Japanese people unchanging benefits.
For the past 70 years, the Japanese have been guaranteed a responsible and free will from the Constitution of Japan.
Hope will not be lost unless the Japanese loses their responsible and free will.

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