NO.056 The key to the success of the global economy is the wealthy Noblesse oblige. Assetists are successful in real business. They should have come to understand the essence of the world economy in their work. Innovators think that if they face the realization of a deflationary spiral, they will implement their own countermeasures. ・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression.What kind of world is GAFA looking at? Category label: Macroeconomics

In the previous article, I proposed a charity project aimed at hiring unemployed people as a countermeasure against deflationary spirals.

After the release, I reviewed the article. Basically, I still think that my perception was appropriate.
The theme of the previous article was deflationary spiral countermeasures.
I think that the deflationary spiral is caused by the widening gap between rich and poor.

The economy works by cycling.
People earn income and buy goods that the industry produces. On the other hand, people engage in industrial production activities and produce goods as workers.
By purchasing the product, the industry earns money and pays workers.
And those who are paid and earn income buy goods again.
The economy works by repeating this cycle.

If social wealth is concentrated in the minority and many people in society cannot earn enough income, people will not be able to purchase goods.
The economic cycle will be cut off.
People can no longer earn and cannot purchase goods, which causes many companies' business performance to deteriorate.
A company whose performance has deteriorated dismisses its workers, and the company itself goes bankrupt.
A large number of unemployed people appear, and because unemployed people cannot earn income and cannot purchase goods, the performance of more and more companies deteriorates.

As I mentioned several times in the past article, the key to economic growth is how much the products produced and sold by the industry are purchased and paid for.

GDP = total investment + total consumption

This total investment and total consumption are determined by how much the product produced and sold by the industry is purchased and paid for.

If it is just a recession, the economy will recover autonomously, but the deflationary spiral will destroy the economy, so the economy cannot recover autonomously.
An economy that has fallen into a deflationary spiral cannot be repaired unless it is repaired externally.

The Keynes policy is a way to overcome the deflationary spiral.
The government hires unemployed people for public works and pays wages to the former unemployed.
The former unemployed person purchases goods with the earned income and the economic cycle resumes.
I pointed out the idea of ​​taxing wealthy wealthy assets to fund public works.

And he proposed to the wealthy people to do charity work by hiring unemployed people before they were taxed by the government.

Currently, governments and international organizations around the world do not adopt the Keynes policy. The ultra-low interest rate policy will increase the amount of funds circulating in the economy, earn people income, and increase the purchase of goods.

However, this measure seemed to only increase the risk of deflationary spirals by widening the gap between rich and poor.

As an economic policy, I thought that the Keynes policy would be effective.
But now I have doubts about this.

About Keynes policy implemented by Hitler.
The German government issues government bonds. The central bank purchases the government bonds. The central bank issues a new Marc currency and pays the German government. Hitler made public investments in the munitions industry and the autobahn, etc., using the government bond issue price as a source of funds.

The problem with the Keynes policy is that the success or failure will be determined by the policy plan created by the government.
Properly understanding the economic situation and formulating an appropriate investment plan will not be easy.
And the biggest problem is that it is possible to decide the investment destination for the benefit of the government itself.

If the Keynesian policy was implemented with an inappropriate policy plan, it could have caused a serious obstacle to the economy.

In some countries, government leaders implemented the Keynes policy with their own policy plans, funded by compensation paid by the defeated countries.
The state became a major economic power by realizing high economic growth from the state of devastated land.
However, it seems that the privileged class has monopolized all the assets of society, and it still seems to be a big evil now.

The country's industry seems to be extremely weak. Without great protection, you will soon be in danger of collapse.
The country's industry seems to be unable to overcome the crisis autonomously.

If political leaders try to use power and dominate the economy, they are likely to fail.
I think the reason why Hitler's Keynesian policy was successful was because Hitler had the insight into the essence.
Hitler hired Dr. Shahat, who was called Marc's Magician. Dr. Shahat says about Hitler:
“Hitler's orders were always simple, but executing them had a surprising effect.”

Not all political leaders are as capable as Hitler.

In many developing countries, political leaders will try to implement Keynesian policy in the same way as Hitler.
Government-issued government bonds were purchased by the central bank. The central bank issued new currency and paid for government bonds.
However, the newly issued currency was not invested in the domestic industry, but was used to purchase imported goods.

As a result, the country's currency fell into hyperinflation and society collapsed.

An international financial institution often tries to guide economic and monetary policy in various countries.
The international financial institution is trying to indirectly control the economy of the country it is teaching.
However, the international financial institution does not take any responsibility for the consequences of the instructed state following the guidance of the international financial institution.
The economies of countries that follow the guidance of international financial institutions will surely fail.

By entrusting everything to market principles, the economy will have the most appropriate equilibrium.
The most appropriate equilibrium state is not always the ideal state. It can also have serious risk factors.
I think that the world economy has now been entrusted to the principles of the market, so there have been many problems solved.
However, the negative effect of a marked gap between rich and poor was caused.

However, on a global scale, private cars, personal computers, and smartphones have become popular among a wide range of people.

Assetists are successful business people. To succeed in their own business, it was necessary to properly understand the economic situation and build an appropriate vision.

Many innovators have realized numerous innovations, starting with a small company and growing it into a global giant.

They were foresighted and could have built an appropriate vision for the future.

Innovators who have realized numerous innovations should have created many jobs in their business.

They should have acted according to their visionary insights.
The various problems that arose in the economy should have been an obstacle to their business, so they should have taken their own solutions.

Every human being tends to think of a favorable state as a natural state. Because there is no pain in the preferred state.
Disability will be painful and will be strongly conscious.

When the deflationary spiral becomes a reality, innovators may find and implement their own solutions with insight from superior foresight.

Noblesse oblige: A mission to be fulfilled by those who have achieved the status.
It is a tradition of human society and will be an implicit rule.
Those who set goals and achieve their goals will ultimately act according to their sense of mission.
I think they will act to prove their pride as a person.

If a person does not act to prove his pride as a person, the crisis will not be overcome.

I think it is appropriate to entrust people to their responsible and free will.

I think that innovators will implement their own countermeasures when faced with the realization of a deflationary spiral.
They may choose a charity with the purpose of hiring unemployed people with their own assets.
They may create breakthrough measures with insight into the superior nature.

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