NO.053 The young people should decide the course of the nation. Young people have to live long times with responsibility for the choices they make. The elderly do not live until they remain fully responsible for the choices they have made. Don't let the elderly decide the course of the nation. ・・・Theme label: Young people live a long time with responsibility for the choices they make. Young people should decide the course of the nation.

The young people should decide the course of the nation. Young people are responsible for the choices they make and must live a long time.
Older people cannot live until they remain fully responsible for the choices they have made. Such people should not decide the course of the nation.

I am 60 years old now. I let young people decide the course of Japan where I have nationality. I do not allow older people to decide on a course in Japan. I don't know how much power I have.

I pose challenges to young people. I pose a challenge for young people that young people must ponder without unavoidable.
And I ask young people to come up with their own conclusions.

Young people should make their own conclusions on everything in their responsible free will.
I'm proud to say that I can do that.

I have the last hope of life. The realization of this desire is my purpose of life.
For my purpose, I will do all I can for Japan.
When my fulfillment of this desire becomes impossible, I quit all my work.

This blog continues to be created with my purpose as a motivation. Because of this motivation, I still raise problems widely for all people.

About the philosophy for the homeland.

Motherland is what the individual chooses on his own free will.
I hear that this is an established philosophy in the history of mankind.

I have heard that "exile" is considered to be the greatest individual right.

Individuals can then choose their own path of life on the premise of freedom to choose their homeland.
This is important.
If the individual can only survive in the current homeland, the nation can detain the individual as a slave.
It was the Great Japanese Empire at the time of World War II.

The reason why the soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army obeyed all orders, such as suicide bombing of Kamikaze, would have been to survive the family.
In the Japanese Empire at that time, many people would not have lived without government protection.
The poor are a large part of society, and the poor have heard that it was not uncommon to sell their children to slaves in order for their families to live.

Many Japanese soldiers would have served in order to escape poverty.
“In the army, I can eat rice every day, so for me the army is heaven,” I heard the story of a soldier.

I think that the government protected the soldier's family if the soldiers fulfilled the military orders faithfully.

The fact that many people could not live without being obedient to the Empire of Japan made the tragedy of the Empire of Japan great.

I hope that young people think about this when they try to open up the future for their own survival.

“Don't be humiliated as a prisoner by staying alive.” In the Great Japan Empire, this ideology was created and soldiers were thoroughly educated.
This is a violation of the philosophy of international war laws.
International law ensures that both fighting countries respect the rights of prisoners of war so that war acts do not escalate to indiscriminate killings.

In the Japanese Empire, Japanese soldiers were morally prohibited from becoming prisoners as “disgraceful”.
Japanese soldiers had to end their lives or be killed by enemies without being captured by the enemy.

Japanese leaders tried to prevent the United States from learning about the internal situation of the Japanese country and the military from Japanese soldiers.
There is a theory that after the war is over, it will not be a responsibility issue for Japanese leaders.

Many civilians were forced to cooperate with the Japanese army in the battle in Okinawa. They had confirmed with their own eyes what the Japanese were doing inside the army.

People who survived the battle in Okinawa and descendants claimed this theory.

When Japanese soldiers and civilians come into contact with the United States, they will see for themselves the true facts about the American situation.
This will give them new judgments and new options.
And when these people come into contact with other Japanese people, what they see and hear will be communicated to other Japanese people.
The Imperial Japanese government would have wanted to stop this.

The Imperial Japanese Government continued to advertise, “Americans and British are demons, so if you become a prisoner, you will receive more painful treatment than you die.”
Japanese people at that time had no means of obtaining information other than the promotion of the Imperial Japanese Government.
They could only choose to act according to what the government told them to do.

The Imperial Japanese Government segregated soldiers returned from the United States in POW exchange so that they did not come into contact with other Japanese.
Finally, the Imperial Japanese government killed them at the forefront.

All Japanese people at that time were able to obtain information necessary for judgment only from the Imperial Japanese Government.
The information was manipulated by the Dainippon Empire.
To that end, all Japanese were placed under mind control as intended by the Imperial Japanese Government.
They could not choose any action other than carrying out crushing, group self-determination, and suicide bombing.
The United States could not make any judgments other than that the Japanese challenged indiscriminate slaughter that the Japanese continued to conduct crushing, group self-determination and suicide bombing.
In the end, the United States was forced to make indiscriminate bombings and atomic bombings in large cities in order to prevent indiscriminate killings by Japanese people.

The mind control that the Imperial Japanese Government used to control Japanese people using information manipulation would have produced another fatal effect.

Diversity benefits exist in human society.
There may be people in society who can find ways to solve the challenges faced by society.

Mind control by information manipulation destroys the possibility that humans with such special talents can develop their own talents.
Humans with special talents also have weaknesses that many other people do not have.
Often, such humans continue to receive repression in their hearts and are unaware of their potential.
Inspired by the behavior of other humans with the same talent, they recognize their potential and develop their talents.

The mind control by the thorough information manipulation by the Imperial Japanese government would continue to prevent the flowering of this personal special talent.
A person who had the potential to overcome the difficult situation he faced would not have been able to develop his own talent.

Today Japan guarantees individuals the right to a responsible free will. The Constitution of Japan allows the Japanese state to guarantee this individual right.
This is the greatest asset in Japan today.

I will try to let young people choose the course of Japan in their responsibility for their free will.
Let's seek their understanding that freedom of choice of homeland is the individual's greatest right.
Assuming that freedom of choice of homeland is the individual's greatest right, they will make the right choice from the widest choices.

However, freedom of choice of homeland comes with the greatest responsibility.
The individual is obligated to fulfill the greatest responsibilities to the nation that the individual has chosen as an immigration destination.
This is the rule.

What I have just said, I raise it for young people and ask them to make their own conclusions.

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