NO.082 Korean President Moon Jae-in has decided to abolish GSOMIA with Japan. When the US Secretary of Defense criticized this, he protested to the American ambassador to South Korea as internal interference. The behavior of the Japanese government seemed extremely insulting to the Korean people. I had a sense of crisis. ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people.,

For America, it seems like an annoying story. The US Department of Defense seems to have been promoting defense policies with Japan and South Korea after repeated meetings.
It is a waste of what America has been doing so far for the sudden change of policy in Korea.

The US spends a lot of money on military exercises with Japan and Korea.

I think President Moon Jae-in will be mentally unbearable to work with the Abe administration.
Looking at the behavior of the Japanese government towards Korea, I thought it was extremely insulting to the Korean people.

The Korean people thought that they could not restrain themselves from raising the voice of protests, both in the comfort women issue and in the recruitment issue.
Korean people set up a statue of a military comfort woman in front of a Japanese embassy, ​​etc., and expressed their intention to protest.
Because the Japanese government's behavior was extremely insulting the Korean people, I thought that the Korean people had taken protests.
The Japanese government requested the Korean government to remove the comfort women statue because the Japanese government violated the intergovernmental agreement.
This is an action voluntarily performed by a Korean civilian on land outside Japan.
The local government that has jurisdiction over the installation location has the authority to request removal, but the Japanese government does not.

If the Japanese government was willing to reflect on past history, the protest would have been left to be made.
I think the Korean people would have judged that too.

In the case of the recruitment problem, the Korean people were unable to obey the intergovernmental agreement. I think I looked for blind spots in the agreement between governments.

Intergovernmental agreements are valid only for matters for which the government has authority. The judicial issue is outside the authority of the government.
In accordance with the principle of separation of powers, intergovernmental agreements have no effect on the judicial jurisdiction.
If a specific person is violated by a recruited company, it should be resolved on a case-by-case basis in the judiciary, regardless of the government.
It has nothing to do with intergovernmental agreements.

The Korean people wanted to have the Japanese companies that hired them be tried in the courtroom.

It would have been an unbearable heart pain for Korean people to condemn the North Korean abduction issue with Japan.
Korean abductee families will have hatred against North Korea.
North Korea abducted the Korean people who were their compatriots.
However, the Japanese did all their insults to North Korea.
The Japanese trampled the dignity of the Korean people.
The abductee family in Korea had to fight together with such Japanese people on the abduction issue.

For Korean people, defense cooperation with Japan against North Korea would also have been an unbearable heartache.
Perhaps the limit of patience has now been exceeded.

Korean people will not like the fight. If GSOMIA with Japan is helpful in avoiding the conflict, it would be opposed to disposal.
However, I think that it is also true for the Korean people that continuing GSOMIA with Japan is a pain in their hearts.

North Korea is the same Korean nation as Korea.
South Korea must fight with North Korea, a Korean nation, in collaboration with Japan, which continues to trample the dignity of the Korean people.
In this regard, President Moon Jae-in thinks he has become unbearable.

President Moon Jae-in tried to protect the dignity of the Korean people.
He rebelled against the United States for that.
Until now, wouldn't there be such a Korean president?
He is in various headwinds such as the scandal problem, but I think he will be supported by the Korean people.
I don't know what the result will be.

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