NO.081 Why can't North Korea and South Korea unite their ethnicity? Wasn't it a single-ethnic nation with a common tradition until 70 years ago when it was divided? But they will want to unite their nationality under the same national pride., I wonder if the Korean people are losing sight of their national pride, ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people., North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons unless a peace treaty is signed with the United States.,

For North Korea, the Korean War is not over yet. A peace treaty with the United States has not yet been concluded.
The United States has treated North Korea as an enemy country since the Korean War.

“The United States is trying to kill us in an international blockade.”
North Korea would have recognized that.

For North Korea, possession of nuclear weapons is the last weapon against international blockade.
“If we abandon nuclear weapons, we will be killed in an international blockade.”
North Korea will recognize that.

Economic support as a price for abandoning nuclear weapons is meaningless for North Korea.
North Korea is surely killed in an international blockade if it wants financial support and gives up its nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons will be the last lifeline for North Korea. So North Korea repeats the missile experiment.
The missile experiment will also be a demonstration.
“If an enemy tries to kill us in an international blockade, we will fight that enemy with a nuclear missile.”

North Korea's missiles are medium and short range missiles. The target will be Japan, not the United States.
North Korea will not allow Japan's involvement at all in the summit meeting between North Korea and the United States, although Korea will be allowed.

“We only allow economic support in return for the abandonment of nuclear weapons.”
There seems to be people in this stance.
Japanese media take advantage of these people's remarks.
 "North Korea received economic support with a promise to abandon nuclear weapons. However, North Korea does not keep its promise of nuclear abandonment even if it receives economic support. Don't be deceived by North Korea. The international community Must not provide economic support before North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons. "
Japanese media continues to instigate.

The Japanese press continues to report as if North Korea ’s purpose is economic support.
“North Korea seems to have the aim of drawing out as much economic support as possible with nuclear development as a card.”

North Korea ’s real purpose is a peace treaty with the United States. Japanese media seem to be trying to stop people from getting interested in this.

Prime Minister Abe continues to condemn North Korea ’s missile launch experiment as “violating the United Nations resolution.”
“The international community must resolutely enforce economic sanctions against North Korea in violation of UN resolutions.”
Prime Minister Abe continues to insist.

Is the purpose of this United Nations resolution to destroy North Korea in an international blockade?

North Korea will recognize that.

For North Korea, nuclear missiles are the last lifeline to win survival because they are destroyed in an international blockade.
Japanese Prime Minister Abe does not allow this.
He is inciting the international community and trying to drive North Korea into destruction in an international blockade.

American President Trump has expressed his understanding of the launch of North Korea ’s short-range missiles.

I want to stop Japanese folly.

Japan will not sign the treaty on the abolition of nuclear weapons.
“It would be meaningless if all nuclear weapon states would not sign the treaty at the same time.
So Japan will not sign up to that point. "
This is the explanation by Japan.
Japan is developing war diplomacy while being protected by American nuclear weapons. Japan is developing an explicit enemy diplomacy against China.
Other countries will be annoying. Because it is possible that China will be asked to “Choose the faction between us or Japan”.

Japan wants to fight while being protected by the Japan-US Security Treaty. Many countries will recognize that.

Japan has a de facto aircraft carrier. The Abe administration is trying to expand its aircraft carrier to the East Pacific and even the Indian Ocean.
Military tensions in these areas will increase.

I want to stop Japanese folly.

What North Korea needs is help from the Korean people. North Korea itself has expressed its intention.
North Korea protests against US-Korea joint military exercises.
And whenever US-Korea military exercises are carried out, missiles are always launched. Towards the Sea of ​​Japan, not hitting anyone.

"If Korea and us are compatriots, why does Korea conduct military exercises against us?"
This will be a sign of the protest.

North Korea's will is consistent. South Korea protests to act as if North Korea is an enemy country.
North Korea ’s military exercises fire intimidating with a cannon in front of the border with South Korea. North Korea will never cross the border.
“If you cross this line, we will beat you,” North Korea is intimidating.

North Korea has a pride. So North Korea doesn't say, “Help me” to South Korea.
Korean people understand ethnic pride.
Korean people understand North Korea's pride as the same Korean people. And the Koreans will reach out to help North Korea, now in a hardship, silently.
North Korea wants this.

This is a statement of intention to North Korea.
"We Korea is the same Korean people as you North Korea. We are brothers."

I think North Korea wants to confirm this statement by Korea.

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