NO.080 Why can't North Korea and South Korea unite their ethnicity? Wasn't it a single-ethnic nation with a common tradition until 70 years ago when it was divided? But they will want to unite their nationality under the same national pride., I wonder if the Korean people are losing sight of their national pride, ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people., North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons unless a peace treaty is signed with the United States.,

I wonder that North Korea and South Korea do not unite their ethnic groups. Korea should be a single ethnic nation with a common tradition.
It would be the Korean War 70 years ago that North Korea and Korea were divided. Until then, it should have been a single Korean nation.

For the past 70 years, there must have been people who had memories before the division.

If solidarity consciousness was established as a Korean people, the people of the north and south would have kept in touch even after the division of the north and south.

The Chinese Han people would have done so. Han people seem to share a strong sense of solidarity among people with a common tradition.

Chinese Han people will be connected by a strong network among the Chineses of the world.
That is the strength of the Chinese.

If North Korea and South Korea were Han Chinese countries, the North and South people would have kept in touch underwater.
And the North and South Korean governments would have continued to use this situation. The two governments would have tried to protect the network between the Korean people in any way, pretending to be confrontation.

South Korea has been actively advertising to North Korea. It must have been meaningless at all.
North Koreans will not believe in advertising.

Japanese people at the time of World War II could not believe the American advertisement.

Even if you live in the United States and don't know the United States directly, you couldn't believe it even if you were rolled up and accused of democracy.

Before that, such advertising broadcasts would be meaningless at all. A community of North Korean people exists in Japan.
People in this community will know democracy.
People in North Korea would have learned about democracy from people in the North Korean community in Japan.

A community of Korean people also exists in Japan. Are people from both communities communicating with each other?

Some people in Hong Kong and other countries come to Japan to appeal for democratization. There are some people in the Middle East who appeal in Japan to support their people.

However, there are no North Koreans who appeal for support in North Korea in Japan.

The people of the Japanese North Korean community have long lived in Japan and are familiar with Japanese society.
The people of the North Korean community deny Japan today and support North Korea.
The people of the North Korean community have lived in Japan for a long time and are familiar with Japan's democracy, but they do not try to convey Japan's democracy to North Korea.
They never ask for the support of Japanese people for democratization.

The Japanese government will not use the people in the North Korean community in Japan to communicate with North Korea.
Japanese media and others treat the North Korean community as spy by the North Korean government.
Probably because the Japanese government is denied by the people of the North Korean community.

The Korean people have a tradition of over 2000 years. The education system of Japanese Korean schools should be built on this 2000 tradition.
The Japanese government unconditionally denies this Korean school education system. I try to force Japanese school to Korean school.

I will refrain from saying the following to Japan.

Take the story back.
Are Korean people losing their pride?
Koreans and North Koreans should be people who share the same ethnic pride.
I think they will want to unite their ethnicity with the pride of the same ethnic group.

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