NO.078 Regarding the abduction issue by North Korea: Everyone in the world. North Korea voluntarily admitted the abduction. Before that, the Japanese government said, “There is no abduction.”In the days of the Japanese Koizumi administration, North Korea ’s Kim secretary voluntarily admitted Prime Minister Koizumi's abduction at the Pyongyang meeting between Japan and North Korea.・・・ Theme label: North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons unless a peace treaty is signed with the United States.

Now, the Abe administration in Japan said, “The solution to the abduction issue is the most important issue in Japan.” And in diplomatic situations, he always appeals to solve the abduction issue.

However, the Japanese government used to continue saying, “No abduction by North Korea”.
However, during the Japanese Koizumi administration, North Korea ’s Kim secretary voluntarily admitted Prime Minister Koizumi at the Japan-Korea Pyongyang meeting.
North Korea promised to return the kidnapped people and sought economic support from Japan.
And this economic support was designated as compensation for war by North Korea.
And North Korea proposed Japan to normalize diplomatic relations.

At one time, Prime Minister Koizumi accepted Kim ’s proposal.

Immediately afterwards, however, the abductees' family members raised their voices in opposition.

“The story of the abducted person's death is a lie. I can't trust North Korea. Return all the abducted people now.”

North Korea announced the names of the kidnapped people, but a few of them were declared dead.

The Japanese government withdrew consent from Prime Minister Koizumi.

"North Korea is a liar. I don't trust North Korea. Return all the abducted people now," the Japanese government declared.
"No further negotiations will be made until North Korea returns all the abducted people," the Japanese government cut off the negotiations.

Now is the 21st century, not the 19th century, which was imperial. So North Korea and Japan never went into war.

This is the actual situation of the abduction issue that Prime Minister Abe has positioned as the most important issue in Japan.

The Japanese government completely cut off the exchange between Japan and North Korea. Excluding intergovernmental dialogue.
Only information about the experiences of exiles from North Korea has been included in Japan as information.
“I have a memory of seeing this person”.
The Japanese media reported, “The abductees are alive.”

In Japan, including the Abduction Victims' Family Association, there is a repeated demand from the government, saying, “Apply pressure to North Korea from economic sanctions until all the abductees return home.”
There may be instigation.

The other day, the Japanese government set up two representatives of the abductee family association to meet with US State Department officials.
The two requested that senior officials not lift the US sanctions on North Korea to resolve the abduction issue.

These two would have made this request without understanding.

The Japanese government does not assume that the abducted people may have died in an accident.
The Japanese government will assert that all are alive and will exercise economic sanctions until North Korea returns all the abducted people to their home countries.

Is this Japanese government justified in the field of international politics, including the United Nations?

About why North Korea will not give up nuclear weapons. ... For North Korea, the Korean War is not over yet.
Unless a peace treaty with the United States is concluded, North Korea will not be able to abandon nuclear weapons.
“If we abandon nuclear weapons without a peace treaty with the United States, we will be destroyed in an international blockade.”
North Korea will think so.

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