NO.065 If the referendum law is judged to be constitutional, the Japanese Supreme Court may be judged as a war criminal in the United Nations War Court.・・・ Theme label: The purpose of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty. Japan's Supreme Court rulings that violate the constitution

I touched on the above, but it's important and repeats.

Japan's constitutional amendment is not just a domestic issue. I think it will be a war crime in the United Nations.
The current Constitution of Japan was enacted under the guidance of GHQ by Marshal MacArthur. His purpose was to realize the end of World War II.

Specifically, the end of the war was to realize a peace treaty between the United States and Japan and make Japan a member of the United Nations.

The United States once again needed a guarantee that Japan would not repeat the tragedy of World War II.
To that end, it was necessary for Japan to become a pacifist state and to become a democratic state where the basic human rights of individuals were guaranteed.

The enacted Japanese constitution was a declaration by Japan that Japan would become a pacifist state and that Japan would be a nation that would guarantee the basic human rights of individuals.
As a result of the evaluation of the established Japanese constitution, a peace treaty between Japan and the United States was concluded, and Japan joined the United Nations.

This is stated in the preamble to the San Francisco Peace Treaty.
The United States keeps a record of the process I just mentioned. When necessary, the United States will disclose its records.

The Japanese constitutional amendment is not limited to Japan's domestic problems. It becomes an international war problem.

The Japanese Constitution is a declaration for the whole world of Japan's will.
If the Japanese constitution is changed, it means that a change in the national intention of Japan has been declared.

The United States will question whether Japan will repeat the tragedy of World War II.
To that end, Japan will ask for pacifism, and whether Japan will continue to be a democratic country that guarantees the basic human rights of the people.

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party continues to say, "Our party is a party that was formed to revise the Constitution of Japan."
They say, “The Constitution of Japan is a constitution that has been pressed because Japan lost the war.”
They also say, “Japan cannot be truly independent unless Japan enacts its own constitution.”

Why was the Liberal Democratic Party formed for the purpose of amending the constitution immediately after the establishment of the Japanese Constitution?
This is to eliminate the two main principles of the Constitution of Japan. The two major principles of the Constitution of Japan are the two major principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
In other words, the purpose of the Liberal Democratic Party is to revive the former Japanese Empire.

If Japan amends its constitution, the United States will conclude that Japan has revived the former Japanese Empire.
The United Nations will also make the same conclusion as the United States.

As a result, the United States and the United Nations decide on sanctions against Japan. Japan will be dissatisfied, and the conflict between them will deepen and finally enter the war.
Japan will never withdraw its request. The US and the United Nations do not withdraw their demands on Japan, so the conflict between them will deepen over time.

The referendum law for amending the constitution violates the current Article 96 of the Japanese Constitution. Article 96 of the Japanese Constitution should be interpreted based on Article 108 of the Charter of the United Nations.
Constitutional amendments made in accordance with the procedures of the referendum law that violate the constitution are invalid.
Japanese lawyers may appeal to the court that the referendum law is a violation of the Constitution to invalidate the constitutional amendment.
If lawyers win, the constitutional amendment will be invalidated and Japan will be prevented from repeating the tragedy of World War II.

Here, the Japanese Supreme Court will decide that the referendum law is constitutional.
In NHK's reception contract trial, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that the broadcasting law was constitutional.

If the Japanese Supreme Court judges that the referendum law is constitutional, it will not prevent the revision of the Japanese constitution. And if Japan repeats the tragedy of World War II, the Japanese Supreme Court will be judged as a war criminal in the United Nations War Court.

The United Nations continues to monitor Japan. Even if Japan requests the United Nations to abolish the Enemy State Clause, the United Nations will not accept it.
The United Nations has repeatedly resolved to request Japan to amend its broadcast law. The United Nations has continued to point out specific problems in broadcasting law.
I think the Japanese government should recognize that this is a warning from the United Nations to Japan. The United Nations has so far taken into Japan's domestic problems.
The Japanese government continues to ignore this warning. It seems to me that the United Nations continues to give Japan a grace.

The United Nations resolution is not enforceable. Nevertheless, the United Nations repeats the same resolution.
Probably with some intention.

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