NO.059 Hong Kong International Airport has been closed for democratization. Soon, the evaluation of this demonstration by people from other countries will become clear. People in other countries will not try to support the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong if they pay the price. ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

News of the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong is reported every day.
Hong Kong International Airport is closed due to democratization demonstration. There seems to be a great deal of harm to many travelers and business people visiting Hong Kong.

How do people in other countries appreciate this democratization demonstration in Hong Kong? I think this will be reflected in the behavior of people in other countries in the near future.

I think that companies from other countries that have entered Hong Kong will withdraw from Hong Kong one after another in order to avoid the actual harm caused by democratization demonstrations.
And tourists visiting Hong Kong will be drastically reduced.

People in other countries will not try to support the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong if they pay the price.

Democracy must be maintained through constant efforts.
It is not easy to keep democracy.

Those who want to defend democracy choose the appropriate method for this purpose and continue their constant efforts. Otherwise, democracy cannot be maintained.

The people of the nation who continue to maintain democracy know this. They are looking at how Hong Kong democrats choose to defend democracy.
They will determine that democracy is not appropriate for those who do not choose the right behavior.

Democracy must be won by one's own hands. There is no doubt about this.
The United States chose independence war and won independence.
The purpose of independence was for colonists to win their representation in the government.
The purpose of democracy is to get their representation right inside the government.
It is not always necessary to select the use of force as a means for that.
Indian Gandhi decided that non-violence was effective for the acquisition of representation.

What vision does the Hong Kong democratization movement continue with the current demonstration?

I think they are making the worst choice.

One option Hong Kong seeks to achieve democratization is that Hong Kong is independent from China.
I just listed Hong Kong's independence from China as an option. I don't think Hong Kong will make this choice.

If Hong Kong makes this choice, Hong Kong will have to win independence by fighting with China.
As an independent country, Hong Kong must take full responsibility for domestic affairs, diplomacy, and national defense.
As an independent country, Hong Kong must defend Hong Kong from invaders with its own power.

Hong Kong democratization organizations do not choose independence from China. If that is the case, the democratization organization in Hong Kong has to settle everything through discussions with the Chinese government.
Hong Kong is not independent of China because it needs the protection of the Chinese government.

Then, what is needed for Hong Kong democratization organizations is to negotiate with the Chinese government and make the negotiations successful.
Hong Kong democratization organizations are required to be qualified politicians.

Hong Kong democratization organizations need to properly analyze the situation, create proposals that the Chinese government will accept, and communicate those proposals to the Chinese government.
This is no different from the diplomatic negotiations that one country has with the other.

Small nations can successfully engage in diplomatic negotiations with superpowers. One of the conditions for this to happen is that the superpower is politically competent.
The great power is competent and therefore analyzes and understands the situation appropriately.
And the powers understand what they should choose.

A competent superpower examines the value of proposals made from a small country. A competent large country will also evaluate the value of the proposed small country through its review.

Now consider the case where the small country is competent and can understand what it should choose in relation to the competent superpower.
A competent superpower examines proposals made by a small country and understands that the small country is competent. A competent superpower understands that a small country is a reliable partner.
A competent small country understands that a superpower is capable and chooses to propose to work together as a partner. A competent small country requires its superpower to respond to diplomatic negotiations in order to make this proposal.

In this case, both sides understand their role sharing and have the ability and willingness to fulfill their role.
And both sides understand this.
And both sides' consent is materialized.

In history, there have been real cases of such diplomatic negotiations. Prof. Naoki Komuro mentioned the diplomatic negotiation between Herod the Great in ancient Jews and Augustus, the first Roman Emperor.

If the small country cannot make the right decision and the actions it chooses only cause disability, the competent superpower exercises control so that the small country does not cause disability.

The Chinese Communist Party government continues to fulfill its responsibility to govern the vast land with 1.4 billion people.
If the Chinese Communist Party administration was not competent, they would not have fulfilled the responsibility for governance and had lost their administration.

A competent Chinese Communist Party government has chosen the philosophy of One country two systems and is trying to continue to adhere to this philosophy.
They make this choice by understanding the value of continuing to adhere to the philosophy of One country two systems.

Hong Kong democratization organizations do not understand this. The Chinese government concludes that Hong Kong's democratization groups do not make good judgment.
Therefore, the Chinese government cannot accept the demands of Hong Kong democratization organizations.

The Chinese Communist Party administration chooses to fulfill its responsibilities to 1.4 billion people.

If Hong Kong's democratic election selects a competent leader who can be a partner of the Chinese government, the Chinese government will approve it.
It will then approve the representation of Hong Kong in the Chinese government.

Hong Kong needs the protection of the Chinese government. The Chinese government chooses to protect Hong Kong.
Hong Kong will thank the Chinese government for this and will join the Chinese government to respect and cooperate with the Chinese government policy.

It has been 20 years since Hong Kong was returned to China. For the last 20 years, this problem did not occur. Originally, this problem should have occurred since earlier.
Requesting the delivery of criminals who have fled from mainland China is justified in any democracy.
If Hong Kong does not respond to the delivery of criminals, Hong Kong will be a place for criminals to escape.

The Chinese Communist Party administration has continued to adhere to the philosophy of One country two systems. The Chinese Communist Party government has continued to respect the significance of Hong Kong's existence that Hong Kong claims. The Communist Party of China has continued to respond to Hong Kong with the best thanks (Confucianism). 

The Communist Party of China has been proclaiming the whole world for 20 years. “We will continue to adhere to our philosophy.”
“We will continue to prove to the nations of the world that the nations of the world are suitable to treat us with salutation.”

China does so because it is necessary to achieve China's objectives.

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