NO.055 The ultimate solution for deflationary spirals. : The state taxes wealthy people and makes public investment with the funds. Asset owners, invest your assets in society in a charitable business before you are taxed. The situation assumed here is that the world economy has collapsed in a deflationary spiral, and human beings are in a phase of destruction. ・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression.What kind of world is GAFA looking at? Category label: Macroeconomics

Aug. 11, 2019 postscript.

Published on August 10th, this article was dismissed as my Facebook account that sent the URL for this article was inappropriate, including slander. I am requesting reconsideration from Facebook.
I would be grateful if I could communicate with the person in charge who is human. Because the person in charge recognizes my existence.

I want Facebook to recognize my existence. I would like to continue writing articles that allow quality to be realized.

I myself reviewed this article.

I don't think my recognition is basically wrong.
I think that there are no fundamental mistakes in my perception, even though there are partial mistakes.

I couldn't recognize that the article contained slander.

However, it was concluded that there were many things that had not been considered and that the opinions were biased.
This article, published on August 10, concluded that it was inappropriate for my purposes.
Opinions will be supplemented and corrected in a separate article. I hope readers can compare the article with this article published on August 10th.

Published article on August 10, 2019.

Until now, the cause of the deflationary spiral has never been clearly explained.
Globally, most people in the lower level of society, including the middle class, will not understand the cause of the deflationary spiral.

The people at the top of society know the cause of the deflationary spiral.
National government leaders, national finance and finance leaders, and international financial leaders also understand the causes of deflationary spirals.
Economists who work with these people also understand the cause of the deflationary spiral.
However, the cause of the deflationary spiral that these people know was never disclosed.
I think so.

It's up to these people to deal with what I'm going to say.
However, this is a problem related to their pride as a person. I think so.
This is a statement.

If the world leaders do not act to protect their own pride, the world will eventually be catastrophic.

As for Japan, I am not surprised if these people in Japan do not really understand the cause of the deflationary spiral.
Japanese school education is completely free of logical thinking training.
I have a great sense of crisis.

The deflationary spiral is that the economy is destroyed.
The deflationary spiral is different from the recession. During a recession, the economy is healthy. However, the economy is in a bad state. The recession economy will eventually recover itself.

However, the deflationary spiral destroys the economy. The destroyed economy will not recover autonomously.
An economy destroyed by a deflationary spiral requires external repairs.

The deflationary spiral is caused by the social disparity between rich and poor.
Most of society's wealth is concentrated in the minority, and many people in society fall into a state where they are not earning income.

Those who have no income cannot purchase goods. If there are many such people, the industry will not be able to produce the product or buy it.
As a result, the performance of many companies deteriorates. Those companies dismiss the workers and fall into corporate bankruptcy.
A large number of people are unemployed and cannot earn income.

I heard that the situation where the economy deteriorates as prices fall is called the deflationary spiral.

At this time, I think that the bank is striving to lend and remove credits to avoid losses.
The bank will try to prevent the loss of the money collected from the company by repaying it to the central bank.
As a result, the absolute amount of currency circulating in society decreases and prices fall.
At this time, the banks will not disclose what they are doing.

The economy functions in a cycle.
A person earns income and purchases goods. Then, engage in industrial labor to produce goods.
By purchasing products produced by the industry, the industry earns money and pays workers.
Workers who are paid wages purchase goods.

If many people are unable to earn income, this economic cycle is cut off.
An economy that falls into this state cannot recover autonomously.

Describes the deflationary spiral solution.
In this state, social wealth is concentrated on the minority.
The state will tax the wealthy people of society and use the collected funds as a financial source to conduct public works and hire unemployed people.

Unemployed people become workers again, earn income and purchase goods. The function of the economic cycle is restored.
The deflationary spiral is overcome.

The reflation policy that countries around the world will choose now widens the gap between rich and poor.

Currently, governments are continuing their ultra-low interest rate policy and trying to increase the supply of money to the economy.
In addition to the ultra-low interest rate policy, the Bank of Japan continues large-scale buying operations.
The Bank of Japan continues to issue new banknotes and purchases of government bonds, other receivables and stocks in circulation in the economy.
By doing so, the Bank of Japan is trying to expand the amount of Banknotes circulating in the Japanese economy.

This is the intention of trying to get rid of deflation by spreading the Banknotes to the people of society as a whole through the economic cycle and activating people's consumption with the Banknotes.

However, this super monetary easing policy only widened the gap between rich and poor.

The deflationary policy does not overcome the deflationary spiral.

If the state is unable to impose a huge tax on the wealthy, against the wealthy, the economy will be completely destroyed and the state will be destroyed.
The state will try to mobilize troops and force taxation from wealthy people rather than the nation being destroyed.
If that happens, will the wealthy hire mercenaries and fight against the nation?

Before that happens, I recommend that the wealthy do their own charitable work, hire unemployed and earn their income.
The purpose of charity is to hire unemployed people and pay wages.

Whatever the charity is, it doesn't matter. As Dr. Keynes said, “an employer can make workers dig a hole, fill money, and dig money again.” The charity can be a pyramid construction.
If the completed pyramid becomes bulky trash, workers can dismantle the pyramid again and the operator can pay for the disposal of waste.

Assetists can make a big profit by choosing this.
That profit is honor.

By doing this charitable work at their own will, the wealthy will prove their pride as a person to the whole world.

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