NO.049 Russia's participation in the Belt and Road concept proposed by China and the Coalition of the willing proposed by the United States Since this policy of the United States has to accept other countries, the strategic map of the world will be repainted. ・・・Theme label: The possibility of the dissolution of the United Nations by America First,Russian participation in Belt and Road

The formation of the Coalition of the willing organization advocated by the United States has the potential to reshape the strategic map of the world situation.

The fact that the United States advocates the formation of the Coalition of the willing means that the United States has largely changed the basic policy of the global strategy.
The United States has withdrawn its past intention to be a leader in world affairs. The United States has declared America's first intention in world affairs.

Other countries must respond to this US policy change.

This Coalition of the willing will not be advantageous for China and Russia.
China and Russia will need to build their own strategies for their own benefit.

Russia will choose to participate in the Belt and Road scheme proposed by China. And China will approve this.
Russia's vast land will be the silk road connecting China and the EU.

This is a huge benefit for the EU too. The primary benefit for the EU is to be free from Russia's military threat.
China will not forgive the war between Russia and the EU. If Russia does not follow China's will, Russia will pay too much.

Russia's economy and China's economy will become an integrated economic zone as Russia participates in the "Belt and Road" concept.
And this China-Russia integrated economy will achieve high growth
The war between Russia and the EU leads to the destruction of this China-Russia integrated economy. Russia loses the gains gained from this integrated economy. Russia will then be sanctioned by China.

However, the EU will hope for peace with Russia, as this economic exchange with the China-Russia integrated economy will result in huge profits.
Because Russia also understands this, the danger of war will be small.

However, various ethnic conflicts in the EU will be obstacles to economic exchange between the EU and this integrated economy. In addition, Russia will be forced to take military preventive measures to deter the situation that has been worsened by ethnic conflict within the EU spreading to Russia.

In these cases, the EU will be held liable for continuing internal ethnic disputes.
In this case, China will be greatly involved in its own interests, so after properly grasping the nature of the problem, it will be actively involved in solving the problem.

China will not allow the EU to pass on responsibility to Russia.

I think that the potential for the Russian economy is almost undeveloped. I think that until now, development could not be done.
I think that Russia's potential can be fully explored by Russia's participation in the "Belt and Road" concept.
At the time of the Russo-Japanese War, Russia realized that the Siberian Railway was used as an aorta for transporting war supplies from Moscow to Vladivostok.
Although the Siberian Railway was a single line, Russia continued to incinerate the post-transportation trains in Siberia, thus achieving the same level of transport power as the Forbidden Line. Mr. Naoki Komuro said that.

If Russia has that intention, it should be able to realize tremendous innovation.
For example, converting the Siberian Railway into a linear motor and linking the EU and the East Pacific coast region would be a ground transportation alternative to aircraft.

Mr. Naoki Komuro said that the linear motor car with room temperature superconducting has almost no transportation cost.
The story I heard about 20 years ago, I do not know the truth. If so, could it be an oil transportation method that does not rely on tanker transport in the Gulf of Holmes?

Until now, oil could be transported by tanker in the Strait of the Holmes, so no one ever thought about this from the beginning.
In the future, I think that someone will think seriously about things that do not seem like sanity.

It assumes that a linear motor car based on room temperature superconducting can be realized.
Public investment in the construction of the Siberian railway by linear motor cars with room temperature superconductivity conforms to the principles of macroeconomics.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) = Total Investment + Total Consumption

The key to economic growth is how actively "the products manufactured by the industry are purchased and paid for".

For the economy, both investment and consumption mean that "the products produced by the industry are purchased and paid."
The difference between the two is whether purchased products are used for industrial production after purchase or not.
This difference has nothing to do with the direct economic effect.

In ancient Egypt, we hear that the government built pyramids for economic policy. Pyramid construction should have been an unprecedented huge consumption at that time.

Germany in the era of Hitler. The economy is about to collapse with a deflationary spiral, and the national finances are about to collapse. At that time, Hitler, with the cooperation of Dr. Shahat of the Central Bank, made an unprecedented scale of public investment.
The German government issued government bonds of unprecedented size. The central bank bought the government bonds.
The central bank issued a currency mark and paid the German government for the purchase of government bonds.

Hitler made a public investment in the mark currency for the construction of huge industries such as the military industry, autobahn, and the Olympic Stadium.
The German economy at that time was rebuilt and achieved high growth.

If Russia participates in the "Belt and Road" project, people from the Communist Party of China will join in this Siberian railway construction project.
The Chinese Communist Party government quickly brought China into the world's second largest economy. They may not think of what I just described as being wild and innocent.
Always, appropriate measures should be taken.

I think that cooperation between China and Russia will produce synergy.
What can not be done either alone will be realized by this synergy effect.

What I mentioned above is just one possibility. I think there are other possibilities as well.

The United States calls for the formation of a coalition of the willingness (Coalition of the willing), and I think that it will be a major repainting of the strategic map of the world situation that it has taken to the realization.

Finally, there should be ideological reasons for the United States' call for the formation of the Coalition of the willing.
In any country, its survival must be realized by the responsibility of that country. The United States has demanded this for other countries.

Current US behavior seems consistent with this policy.
With regard to North Korea's missile problems, the United States will not give up a staggering demand regarding the ICBM reaching the United States. However, for short-range missiles that do not reach the United States, the United States tolerates.

This policy of the United States will have to be accepted by other countries. Thus, this policy of the United States will repaint the world's strategic map.

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