NO.046 South Korean President Munjain declared, “We will not lose anymore. When taking measures to exclude Japan from White. This makes Korea a truly reliable partner. ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people.,

I am aware of intense pleasure. "Korea finally has the heart to stand up."

This makes Korea a truly reliable partner.

In my eyes, Korea seemed to have been a loser for a long time.
Until now, Korea just seemed to continue to mourn and grief to the whole world that they were victims of war.
"We are the victims of the war. How poor are we?"

East Asians remarked immediately after the end of World War II. "We will forgive Japan. Japan is also a victim of war."

I think that those people had the mind to confront themselves. So I think I was able to say that.

Recently, there was a statement that "We can forgive, but we must not forget the past history."

People in East Asia have not changed yet.

Huawei in China had already prepared its next business strategy when it was sanctioned by the US government.
Korean industries are miserable losers if Korean industries are just hit and excluded from the Japanese government's exclusion from the White State. It's too miserable.
The Japanese government's measures would be to stop special incentives, or would Korean industries not be able to live unless they overwhelm Japan's overprotection?

This kind of difficulty should survive over any industry in any country?

However, for the first time, Korea has reached a will to cope with difficulties.

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No.311 Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds. This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit. Solve problem. Please judge.

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