NO.052 Many of the bereaved families of World War II want to refuse enshrinement at Yasukuni Shrine. However, Yasukuni Shrine does not allow this. To not allow the denial of enshrinement is to make the people a national sacrifice. ・・・Theme label: Japan's Yasukuni Shrine worships the war dead as a god. Yasukuni Shrine does not allow the bereaved families of war dead to refuse this.

Enshrinement means that the Japanese Yasukuni Shrine enshrines the war dead as a god. In the Great Japanese Empire during World War II, it was reported that Japanese people loved Japan, died fighting to protect Japan, and were beaten by Yasukuni Shrine, which was a joy for soldiers.
The bereaved families were honored, and the bereaved family was provided with a large survivor pension.

However, I have heard that many surviving bereaved families have asked the Yasukuni Shrine to refuse the enshrinement of the families who died in the war.
It would have been no joy for Japanese soldiers to die in the war and be enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine. The soldiers died of pain. The bereaved knew the resentment of the war dead.
So the bereaved family continued to demand Yasukuni Shrine to refuse enshrinement after the war.

However, Yasukuni Shrine will never allow refusal of enshrinement.

When I heard this, I realized the fear that my spine would freeze, although it was light. ... This is the act of offering a human sacrifice to God. It is not allowed to refuse to be sacrificed for what is prescribed for sacrifice.

Freedom of faith must be respected. Yasukuni faith should be respected as freedom of faith.
However, where the war dead are comforted must respect the will of the war dead and the will of the bereaved.
The Diet members worship at Yasukuni Shrine insisting on freedom of faith. However, there is no freedom of religion in a religion that does not allow the denial of enshrinement.

The fact that Yasukuni Shrine does not allow enshrinement refusal means that enshrinement to Yasukuni Shrine is a way to devote human beings to the national sacrifice.

In the past, I thought that the bereaved family's willingness to say where to worship was respected.
I thought that Yasukuni Shrine would provide a place of memorial for those who wanted memorial in Yasukuni.
But the reality was different.

The parliamentarians who visit Yasukuni Shrine are priests who sacrifice the Japanese people to the Japanese nation.
This is exactly what they are doing in Japan today.

The suicide bombing done by some Muslims, they call it jihad. I heard that Jihad is an act of atonement. If so, the performer of a suicide bomb should in principle be a volunteer.

On the other hand, the suicide bombing of the Great Japanese Empire such as Kamikaze was executed by the Japanese government unilaterally ordering the people.
The person who was ordered was not allowed to refuse the order.

The convocation order for the recruitment of the Imperial Japanese Army was written on red paper. This convocation warrant was called red paper.

At the time of World War II, conscriptions could not know when the red paper would be delivered. He and his close relatives lived with a prepared heart for red paper delivery.
Then, when the red paper was delivered, the person who received the delivery decorated himself with a joyful expression and left the family. His close relatives also sent him in the guise of joy.
This state continued to be drawn in several movies and TV dramas after the war as the theme of tragedy.

Once the soldiers of the Japanese Empire were sent to the battlefield, they were required to continue fighting on the battlefield until they died.
After World War II, the surviving soldiers were able to return to their families.

The Imperial Japanese Government continued to advertise to the Japanese people that the soldiers who died in the war dedicated their lives to the kingdom of God with joy, and joined the war dead hero to Yasukuni Shrine.

The Imperial Japanese Government did not respect the human rights of the people. All the measures were taken with the basic policy of making the people sacrifice for the nation.
The criteria for the Imperial Japanese Government to choose a measure was "How can I sacrifice the people in a way that will have a beneficial outcome for the nation?"
This should have been understood in daily life by people in Japan.
During the atomic bombing, young men who were able to fight on the battlefield were treated preferentially, and women and women were refused treatment.

The war dead bereaved sensed the remorse of the family who died. After the war, he refused enshrinement to Yasukuni Shrine. This is a sign of intention of the war survivors to protest against the Japanese government. However, Yasukuni Shrine never allows the denial of enshrinement.

In other words, the enshrinement to Yasukuni Shrine is “To sacrifice humans to the nation.”

The basic policy of the Japanese government has not changed from the time of the Empire of the Great Japan.

Today's self-defense officers are not allowed to speak their own heart. They are required to faithfully carry out the orders given without saying their heart.

The Diet members conclude the true spirit of the Self-Defense Forces. “The Self-Defense Forces are the people who loved their homeland Japan and are determined to lose their lives in order to protect Japan.”
Certainly, this is not wrong.
However, the right to protest against unreasonable orders must be respected even for SDF personnel.
However, a Self-Defense Force member is not allowed to speak his own heart.
Even if parliamentarians unilaterally conclude that this is the SDF personnel's intentions, the SDF personnel will continue to be commanded without saying their intentions. There must be.

A Self-Defense Force member wanted to say, "We are prepared to fight with a life in order to protect our home country Japan. However, the government is against starting a war with such a policy." But he is forbidden.

The Japanese government has continued to provoke war-promoting diplomacy against China.
As a result, even if the risk of war increases, SDF personnel are never allowed to express their protests.

The members of the Diet are trying to decide on measures by advertising to the public that "SDF members are prepared to dedicate precious lives for the sake of the nation."

The government is trying to give mind control to the people.

In fact, Prime Minister Abe cautions the Self-Defense Forces members: "I will make a constitutional amendment to reward the patriotism of the Self-Defense Forces members."
And this instruction is advertised to the public in the media report.

As a result of this, once again, the Japanese people will be dedicated as the sacrifice of the Japanese nation.

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