NO.054 How will LinkedIn be involved in Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra? Facebook's Libra has certain characteristics not found in other virtual currencies. Facebook has 2 billion subscribers and a huge asset value. ・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression.What kind of world is GAFA looking at? Category label: Macroeconomics

Linkedin is an exchange site for professionals around the world.
International organizations such as the United Nations, government agencies around the world, and many officials from universities worldwide are also registered with LinkedIn.

Linkedin is linked to each organization's homepage, and employees registered with Linkedin are introduced.
Linkedin has special utility value.
However, the potential potential of Linkedin is undeveloped.

At this stage, Linkedin simply provides a place for interaction.
All of the registrant's achievements are self-reported. It will be difficult for site visitors to properly assess registrant performance.
Linkedin has not yet developed a tool to help site visitors evaluate registrants' performance.

If AI is introduced to support the assessment of registrant performance, the value of Linkedin will increase dramatically.

Today, LinkedIn is mostly unused by a large number of professionals who register.
Most of the possibilities are undeveloped and can only be used as job change sites at this time.

How will this LinkedIn get involved with Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra?
Linkedin has a special value that Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple don't have.
GAFA, a giant IT company, will find out how to use LinkedIn.

Facebook's Libra has certain characteristics not found in other virtual currencies. Facebook has 2 billion subscribers and a huge asset value.
These guarantee the trust of Libra as a currency for buying and selling goods.

Other virtual currencies do not have these two characteristics.
Libra will be used for buying and selling international goods using personal and group Facebook accounts as terminals.
Libra is freed from foreign exchange gains and losses. It will be the most stable currency in the world.
This is the value of Libra that is not in the hard currency.

For people in small and medium sized countries, you can distribute the risk to your own currency and Libra.

Facebook believes that this value of Libra must be realized.
By realizing this value of Libra, Libra will succeed.

Investors making a profit from investing in Libra means that their profits are paid from Facebook assets.

Toyota in Japan is said to have pushed down operating profit by 40 billion yen due to a 1 yen appreciation.
40 billion yen would have benefited investors in the foreign exchange market.

Facebook's global network of 2 billion people will be rebuilt for the first time as a network that functions uniformly for a specific purpose.

This is where Facebook will have the potential of being a global network of professionals that serve a specific purpose.

How will Linkedin enter this? ... Linkedin is now part of Microsoft, but will it be acquired by Facebook?

Linkedin brings together professionals who can make innovation.
Innovators will take advantage of their own interests and create a way to use Linkedin.

I think so.

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