NO.062 Japan's Foreign Minister Kono visited Serbia and declared that it would cooperate with Serbia's accession to the EU. I think Japanese Foreign Minister Kono is developing war diplomacy that could involve Serbia and the EU in the war between Japan and China. ・・・ Theme label: The Abe administration develops war diplomacy with China as a virtual enemy country.

The purpose of the Japanese government is to internationally block China. What the Japanese government is doing is war diplomacy.
The Abe administration has so far developed an explicit war diplomacy against China.

This time, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono visited Serbia and offered to help Serbia join the EU. The aim is to involve Serbia, a member of the EU, in an international blockade against China.
For Serbia, this means the danger of getting involved in the war between Japan and China.

Both Serbia and the EU understand this. For them, the Japanese government is a plague. “Don't get involved in the situation in Europe.”
This is their true intention for Japan.
What Serbia and the EU want is a peaceful equilibrium with China. They will find an agreement with China and try to achieve a peaceful equilibrium.

The purpose of China is to realize the Belt and Road concept. It is necessary for China to find an agreement between Europe, including Serbia, and China.

And when Russia joins the Belt and Road initiative, Europe will be freed from Russian military threats.
Russia will be able to enjoy the benefits of economic exchanges between Europe and Belt and Road.

Furthermore, China opposes the war between Russia and Europe.

Russia and Europe understand this.

This will create an unprecedented and peaceful situation between Russia and Europe.

Japan's Foreign Minister Kono will intervene in this situation and develop war diplomacy that could involve Serbia and the EU in the war between Japan and China.
For Serbia and the EU, the Abe administration will be a plague.

Many countries will see this situation. In their eyes, the Abe administration looks like a war enthusiast?

Japan like this is deploying an aircraft carrier and trying to advance into the Pacific India route.

I wonder if people in the surrounding area can see a fierce war frenzy as if they have advanced to war.
Isn't the risk that the Self-Defense Forces expanding overseas will undergo military attacks dramatically increased?

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