NO.061 Japanese people. If you agree with the constitutional amendment, be prepared to be summoned in military service and die on the battlefield. Self-Defense Forces will not be convinced if the people who have revised the constitution do not pay the price. ・・・ Theme label: Japanese Self-Defense Force members who are not allowed to talk about their true intentions. They will not forgive the constitutional amendment.

The purpose of the constitutional amendment is for Japan to conduct war. Because the people are in favor of such a constitutional amendment, the people must assume the duty of military service.

Otherwise, the Self-Defense Forces would not be convinced. The constitution is revised in favor of the people. Those in favor of the constitutional amendment are not going to fight on the battlefield themselves.
Japan starts a war because of the constitutional amendment.
In such a war, many Self-Defense Forces die.

Self-Defense Forces will not be convinced if the people who have revised the constitution do not pay the price.
If the people who have revised the constitution do not pay the price that the Self-Defense Forces understand, the Self-Defense Forces will not be able to fight for national defense.

Because many Japanese citizens agreed with the constitutional amendment, the Self-Defense Forces lost many of their friends.
The Self-Defense Force members lose their precious people.

Those who agree to the constitutional amendment will not heal the sacrifices of those who have been sacrificed if they do not pay the appropriate price.
Naturally, all Japanese citizens must be obliged to be summoned for military service.

And those who are forced to sacrifice are the subjects of the Japanese government.

Self-Defense Force members are prohibited from expressing their own opinions in response to government orders.
And they are required to faithfully carry out government orders.
Now is a time of peace. For the Self-Defense Forces themselves, there is no problem in doing so.

However, once they are in a war situation, they will not be able to act in the same way as in a peaceful situation.

They will not be able to control the urge that springs up from within them, and will be controlled by the urge and take action.

If Self-Defense Forces refuse national defense, Japan will be conquered by invaders.
Who can force the Japanese Self-Defense Forces who refused to defend the country to obey the order?
The SDF is the only armed group in Japan. Their fighting ability is said to be one of the best in the world.

In the Japanese Empire at the time of World War II, Japanese soldiers obeyed any government orders.
The reason is that soldiers and their families could not live without government protection.

Soldiers also carried out suicide bombing missions because their families' lives were guaranteed.

Now, the times are different. Self-defense officers trained in the Self-Defense Forces will become a force in private companies in any country in the world.
If the Self-Defense Forces are disappointed by Japan and the Japanese people, they will choose to live in other countries.
Self-Defense Force members will no longer comply with disappointed Japanese orders and laws.
No one can force the Self-Defense Forces to obey Japanese orders and laws.

The authority of the Japanese government collapses. This becomes a reality in front of all Japanese citizens.
“If the Japanese law is trampled, the Japanese government cannot do anything.”
All Japanese citizens will know this as a reality in front of them.

This state should cause a phenomenon called anomie in sociology. It is a collapse of the social order caused by the collapse of government charisma.

The reason why Japanese citizens observe the law is that they believe that if they violate the law, they will be punished.
Because all Japanese citizens believe that “others will also obey the law, so it would be most beneficial for me to keep the law and be different in social order.”
If this government charisma collapses, no one will follow the law and the social order will collapse.

Self-Defense Forces may still choose to fight invaders to protect their surviving companions and their families.
Because the Self-Defense Forces are people who chose the Self-Defense Forces to protect important people.
However, Self-Defense Force members will be forced to punish the Japanese government with their own hands before fighting the invaders.

I think that will happen if we see what the current Japanese government is doing.

Well, I hate dying in the war, so I choose to deter the war no matter what.

And I think that is the best choice.

I think that the constitutional amendment will break Japan. The Japanese government will not be able to cope with the situation caused by the Japanese constitutional amendment. Without any effort, Japan will go to catastrophe.

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