NO.074 If China falls, the world economy will collapse into the Great Depression. Catastrophe occurs on a global scale.What will the EU face? What do you think will be the refugee problem after the global economy collapses in the Great Depression and catastrophe occurs worldwide? ・・・ Theme label: Belt and Road is saving the world economy from the Great Depression. Category label: Belt and Road,Macroeconomics,

As mentioned above, it is no wonder that the current global economy, in which the economic inequality is extremely escalated, causes the Great Depression.
Up to now, China's Belt and Road has kept the world economy from falling into the Great Depression.

Even if the world economy grows, isn't the global wealth concentrated to a few rich people?

The current situation seems to be that the wealth of the minority is expanding as the Poverty group expands.
A few wealthy people recognize the danger of being in a state that is equivalent to looting many people.
A few asset owners will be doing justice. However, I would like to give a warning to the danger that the world economy will fall into the Great Depression.

Poverty people cannot purchase goods. If the poverty group continues to expand, the economic cycle will be cut off someday.
The industry falls into a vicious cycle of mass unemployment and worsening corporate profits, and the economy collapses.

China is now in a state of absorbing wealth that asset owners are trying to seize and investing in poor areas such as Africa.
China does so according to the Belt and Road vision.

This may continue to maintain the economic cycle that is about to be cut off.
The wealth of wealthy people continued to expand even when they continued to invest in the Povety zone in China, so the wealthy people continued to seize the investment in the Povety zone. Let's do it.

There seem to be many countries that are hostile to China.
If China falls, no one will deter the global economy from falling into the Great Depression.

The world economy will soon fall into a great depression and collapse.

Catastrophe will occur on a global scale.

As a result, regional conflict zones will expand on a global scale. And I think that a huge number of refugees will be created worldwide.

I would like to ask the EU people here.
You now have a refugee problem.
What do you think will be the refugee problem after the global economy collapses in the Great Depression and catastrophe occurs worldwide?

You will consider overcoming the problems you face, if necessary, for your own survival.
This is also profitable for me. So I will raise a problem.

I don't think the refugees in this case are refugees in the problems you are facing.
The current refugees are generous. I think I can get protection when I arrive in Europe.

I think there will be a drive of hatred and revenge in the hearts of refugees.

The refugees have no sin. “The United States, Europe, and Russia suddenly came and destroyed our peaceful life.”
They will think so.
Refugees heading to Europe today are people who have escaped the homeland of the civil war. Here, all weapons used by government forces and armed forces were manufactured by the United States, Europe, and Russia.
Government troops and armed forces cannot produce such powerful weapons themselves.

Refugees did not have to escape their homeland if government forces and armed forces did not obtain weapons made in the United States, Europe or Russia.
Refugees fled their homeland because their homeland was destroyed by the weapons of mass destruction and their brothers were killed one after another.

This will surely create urges of hatred and retaliation in the hearts of refugees.

They have chosen to remain benign at the moment. They want to choose to live peacefully with their family rather than revenge.
However, it is not always possible to suppress the impulse of revenge.

They are a minority at the moment. The EU has control. However, this is not always the case.

I don't know what the situation will be in the future.

If the global economy collapses in the Great Depression and catastrophe occurs on a global scale, the hate and revenge urges created in the hearts of refugees will be incomparable with the current refugees.

The number of refugees at that time will also be incomparable.

They may choose revenge.
If America, Europe, or Russia did not come, the Great Depression would not have occurred. There was no war with weapons of mass destruction.
They may think so.

When refugees decide to take revenge, American, European and Russian weapons are handed over to them.
At that time, the EU may have been blown and may not have the power to take control.

EU people. I think this can happen.

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