NO.085 I think that the Japanese computer supercomputer K (K computer) is not useful. I think it symbolizes the real value of Japan's RIKEN. Why does K computer (K computer) end operation despite the absence of supercomputers in Japan? .・・・ Theme label: Is the equipment at Riken in Japan almost dormant?

Japanese supercomputer K computer stopped operating. The K computer is removed and construction of the successor Fugaku begins at the same location.
In the future, until Fugaku becomes operational, there will be no supercomputer in Japan.
Until Fugaku started operation, the choice to continue operating K (K computer) was not made.

At the time of planning, K computer was advertised as the world's fastest computing speed. At the start of operation, it is second in the world, and now it seems to be 20th.
There will be many purposes that require K computer speed.
However, the operation of K (K computer) is stopped now.
I conclude that K (K computer) has a serious problem and cannot be used.

I think that this symbolizes the real value of Japan's Riken.

K computer and its successor Fugaku are a joint project between Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Japan's Riken.
I think the problem with K computer symbolizes the name of the organization of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The failure of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's mechanism affects Japan as a whole.

When the K computer project was announced, a review meeting was held by the Japanese Democratic Party of the ruling party at that time.

At this meeting, the size of the requested budget was questioned to promote this project.
At this meeting, a Democratic representative asked a question.
"Why is the calculation speed the best in the world?"
The project team did not respond appropriately to raising this issue.

If the project was propelled by an appropriate vision, it would have been understood what would be required in the practical use of K (K computer).
The K (K computer) project team should have appealed to the society and gained the understanding and support of what K (K computer) was required in practice.
The K computer project team could not do this.

The Japanese Democratic Party has also failed to extract the problem of the K computer project.

Computational speed will not be the only performance requirement for supercomputers.
Is it possible to effectively process multiple tasks in parallel?
Can tasks be switched quickly?
Is it possible to quickly recover from an accident?

The K (K computer) project team would have had to gain the understanding and approval of Japanese society for these issues.
This would have been necessary for the project to succeed.
They could not do this.

The Japanese Democratic Party was also unable to identify the problem. They started excuse when the processing speed of K computer was proved.
The Japanese Democratic Party did not understand what is required of supercomputers.

Neither the K computer project team nor the Japanese Democratic Party could fulfill their responsibilities. For this reason, the opportunity to extract the problem has been lost.

The K computer is composed of a huge number of computers connected to each other.
Each computer is never small. These are arranged throughout the large room. It looks like a gravestone in a war cemetery.
The loss of interconnection will be enormous.
Supercomputers from other countries will be much more compact. To maintain high performance.

K computer (K ​​computer) was shut down operation was built into the ceremony of the end of operation.
Looking at the news video, I thought that K (K computer) had never been shut down.

This suggests that once shut down, it can be a daunting and difficult task to get it up and running properly.
And once shut down, the previous tasks are not saved.
Tasks cannot be processed in parallel.

K computer (K ​​computer) will not be able to withstand the actual use. Because of that, it would have been only possible to choose to end the operation now.
K computer (K ​​computer) shutdown would not have waited until Fugaku started operation.

If it could withstand real use, K (K computer) would continue to be used for the purpose of requiring the use of a super computer until Fugaku operation.

Fugaku will also be out of date when it begins operation. Furthermore, it may not be able to withstand actual use at the start of operation.

Previously, the tour of the children of RIKEN (Riken) was broadcast on television.
All equipment was shut down.

RIKEN seems to have a huge number of facilities all over Japan.
Most of the equipment is estimated to be out of service.

Children's tours will usually be televised with a tour of the equipment in operation.

In most cases, the joint project between the Ministry of Education (Ministries of Japan) and the RIKEN (Riken) would have failed.

This suggests that the organization of the Ministry of Education (Ministries of Japan) may be out of order.
And I am afraid that similar organizational failures may be common across central ministries.

The impact of the failure of the central government organization will spread throughout Japan.
Eventually it will be obvious to everyone.

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