NO.071 Consideration about the transition of Belt and Road in China when Greenland became the 51st state of the United States. Each of these three powers will require Denmark to sell Greenland to them with a strong will. ・・・Theme label: The purpose of President Trump's purchase of Greenland., President Trump's political method. Category label: Belt and Road

China has set the Arctic Ocean as one of the Belt and Road concepts. In the near future, China will offer Denmark to sell Greenland to China.
Neither the United States nor Russia can overlook China's purchase of Greenland.
Each of these three powers will require Denmark to sell Greenland to them with a strong will.
I don't think Denmark can refuse forever.

I think the time will come when Greenland people are forced to make a choice.
I think the US will ask Greenland to become the 51st state of the United States.
And I think Greenland will choose this American request.

I think China and Russia will be forced to respond to the situation when Greenland becomes the 51st state of the United States.
China will push forward the realization of the Belt and Road concept more than ever.
And Russia will decide to participate in the Belt and Road concept.

As a result, a powerful economic zone will be established, integrating the Chinese and Russian economies.
China and Russia will seek a path to the future in this integrated economic zone.
The United States-led Coalition of the willing is not advantageous to China. America establishes control of the Arctic Ocean.
China's Belt and Road concept will inevitably seek to find a way along the route through Russia.

It will be important for the EU how to deal with the Belt and Road concept.

However, the current world economy is different from the imperialism era until the Second World War.
The global economy is different from the cold war era of the US and the Soviet Union.
The world economy is established by circulating as a single integrated economy in which the economies of each country are integrated.
The American economy needs the Chinese economy to survive.
The Chinese economy also needs the American economy to survive.

If coexistence and co-prosperity are not realized, both cannot survive.

The EU cannot recognize and respond to Belt and Road as an enemy.
If the integrated economy of Belt and Road is struck, it will spill over to the EU economy.

If it is a small economy, even if it collapses, it will not be a big blow to the whole world economy.
However, the collapse of the Chinese economy is a big blow to the world economy.

China can find a way to life even if it is driven into difficulties. China has been preparing for that.
China has continued to make various investments in Africa and other countries.

Disparity between rich and poor
However, it is expanding. Most of the world's wealth is concentrated in minorities, and the Poverty group is expanding.
A significant disparity between rich and poor is an obstacle to the economy.
The Poverty group cannot consume. If the Poverty group expands, the economic cycle will be hindered.

Poverty people create both regional conflicts and refugees. If everyone is satisfied, there will be no armed conflict.

The more disparity between rich and poor, the more the Poverty group will grow.
As the poverty group expands, regional conflicts increase and refugee problems also increase.

China's investment in Africa and other countries should continue to eliminate the expansion of the Poverty class.
If China falls, no one will deter the expansion of the Poverty class.
Regional conflicts will intensify and the EU will face intensified refugee problems.
And China will not fall down without resistance.

How will the EU face the Chinese problem?

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