NO.072 America, China, Russia. What power will the Danish government sell to Greenland? Greenland will bring these three countries in the range of medium-range ballistic missiles. ・・・ Theme label: The purpose of President Trump's purchase of Greenland., President Trump's political method.

US President Trump has told the Danish government that he has a desire to purchase Greenland.
The reason President Trump chose the present time and made an offer to the Danish government is that China also has a desire to purchase Greenland.

China has a large number of medium and short range ballistic missiles. At the moment, the United States will be outside the range of these missiles.
However, if China acquires Greenland and deploys these missiles in Greenland, the United States can be within the range of these missiles.

President Trump has stated that the reason for abandoning the INF treaty with Russia and re-equipping the medium-range ballistic missile is to compete with China.

China is developing the Arctic Ocean route, setting the Arctic Ocean as one of the routes under the Belt and Road concept.
Inevitably, China will have a view to acquiring Greenland.

America, China, Russia. Once these three countries have acquired Greenland, they can bring the other two countries into the range of medium-range ballistic missiles.

The United States conducted a test of launching a medium-range ballistic missile. China and Russia requested the United Nations to hold a United Nations Security Council meeting.

China and Russia may think that the US will win Greenland and deploy medium-range ballistic missiles.

The two countries will want to purchase Greenland themselves. Since the United States has indicated its intention to purchase Greenland, these two countries will also take action.

America, China, Russia. The three countries will tell Denmark, “Sell Greenland to us.”
I think Denmark will eventually choose to sell Greenland to one of these three countries.

However, Denmark is an EU member country. This issue in Denmark is also a problem for the EU.

It is also a problem that determines the existence of the EU.

Mid-range ballistic missiles deployed in Greenland can be in range in the United States, China, and Russia.

If Denmark sold Greenland to one of these three countries, the other two countries would conclude that "Greenland was hostile to us."
Furthermore, Denmark is an EU member state. These two countries will also regard the EU as an adversary.

Can the EU cope with this situation?

It seems to me that EU member states are only interested in their own interests.
I think that as a EU, it will not be possible to deal with a specific purpose in a unified manner.
Even if the purpose is to overcome the problems that affect the existence or non-existence of the EU, the EU will not be able to deal with them in a unified manner.
Similar things have been repeated in past history.

As a result, Denmark will sell Greenland to the United States.
This is even more likely if the United States offers to accept Greenland as the 51st state of the United States.

Then China and Russia will face the EU in a hostile stance.
Russia is joining China's Belt and Road and believes that these two countries will jointly face the EU.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the EU and Belt and Road cannot face each other.
If the EU destroys Belt and Road, the world economy will be devastated.
The blow also affects the EU economy.

The catastrophe does not end there.

The economy of the poverty zone will be hit hard.
The poor are creating regional conflicts and generating large numbers of refugees.
I hear that China has made large-scale investments in poor areas.
China has continued to deter the expansion of the poor.

When China falls, the world economy will collapse.

Catastrophe may occur on a global scale.
I don't know what will happen.
The refugee problem will not be a refugee problem. Have refugees so far been calm?
Refugees are calm because they believe that salvation will be given if they go to Europe.

There are no sins for the refugees. Nevertheless, those people are pushed into the refugee situation.
There will be urges of resentment in their hearts.

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