NO.077 Amazon web services failure, Facebook personal data leak ... I think it is important for global companies like GAFA to be aware of the crisis against the Great Depression of the global economy. These two accidents must be accidents that GAFA should never have caused. ・・・ Theme label: Asset owners. We propose a charitable enterprise for the Great Depression.What kind of world is GAFA looking at? Category label: Macroeconomics

I think that the world economy is in a situation just before the Great Depression.
I believe that China's Belt and Road continues to deter the global economy entering the Great Depression.

I think the Great Depression of the global economy is caused by the expansion of the economic inequality.
In the current world situation, it seems that the assets of a small number of wealthy people are expanding and the Povety group is expanding on a global scale.
As a result, it may be that a small number of wealthy people are looting wealth from low-income earners worldwide. I think so.

Even if my assumptions are appropriate, the asset owners continue to act justified.
However, we recognize that the systemic flaw that causes the Great Depression has been incorporated into the global economy.
If my perception is appropriate, the global economy will eventually fall into the Great Depression.
And now, I think that China's Belt and Road is restraining the world economy from entering the Great Depression.

The economy is established by the economic cycle. The expansion of the poverty class hinders the economic cycle and breaks the economic cycle.
The Great Depression is not a recession. The recession will recover due to the economic cycle. The Great Depression occurs when the economic cycle is cut off.
The Great Depression is a state of economic destruction. The economy will not recover autonomously from the Great Depression.

About the economic cycle.
A person earns income and purchases goods.

The industry earns money and pays wages to workers when goods are purchased.
Those who are paid and earn income will purchase goods again.

In Great Depression, a lot of corporate profits worsen and workers are fired and bankruptcies continue.
Unemployed people cannot earn income and cannot purchase goods.
The emergence of large numbers of unemployed people makes consumption sluggish and worsens many corporate profits.
Companies whose profits have deteriorated refrain from investing, stop production and dismiss workers. Furthermore, the company itself goes bankrupt.
As a result, more and more unemployed people appear and worsen the profits of more companies.
And more unemployed people appear and more corporate bankruptcies occur.

Here, if unemployed earn income, they will purchase goods, so corporate performance will recover, employ workers again, and the economic cycle will resume.

I think the Great Depression is caused by investors making money in the financial market.
Someone pays the profits that investors get.
Take the exchange market as an example. When the currency of a foreign exchange market becomes cheaper, people pay a higher amount and buy imported goods.
In this case, the profits of investors are paid by the people who bought the imported goods.
Investors manage their assets in the financial market to earn profits and pay the profits to them.
The result is that wealthy people are equal to looting low-income people around the world.

China profits from all over the world, but continues to invest that profit in the world's Povety zone.
China has done so according to the vision of Belt and Road.
With the widening gap between rich and poor, China has continued to maintain the economic cycle that is about to be cut off.
China's Belt and Road has kept the world economy from entering the Great Depression.
China is said to have been profitable through currency manipulation. So this allowed China to stop the Great Depression of the global economy.

So what are governments and international financial institutions doing?
We continue to continue thorough monetary easing.
Investors can get loans from banks at very low interest rates.
Investors receive huge loans from banks, invest in financial markets, and make huge profits.
I believe that governments and international financial institutions are helping investors in the financial markets to seize people from all over the world.
In fact, I think that governments and financial institutions are trying to push the world economy into a great depression.

Of course, I don't think that governments or international financial institutions are doing this intentionally.
They probably don't understand the current state of the global economy properly.
They are professional people.
A state where professionals cannot fulfill their responsibilities.
I want them to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

Of course, this is a conclusion if my judgment is appropriate.

I am interested in how companies like GAFA recognize the Great Depression.
GAFA has achieved to grow from a small company to a global company.
I think that there would have been no success without a proper understanding of the global situation and the global economy.
GAFA has become huge as it repeatedly acquires venture companies. It has gone through an experience that many other companies cannot do.
In the process of growing from the first micro enterprise to the world's super giant enterprise, the scenery reflected in their eyes has continued to change drastically?
It would have been a series of discoveries that would not be done by those who would not have the same experience.
GAFA would have repeatedly made discoveries that others did not make.
GAFA has seen the world situation and the world economy from a different perspective than many other companies.

As an aside, I'm not interested in huge assets. No one can buy what I really want with money.
If I don't get what I really want, no matter how much wealth I get, I have no meaning.
If someone prevents me from getting what I really want, I will retaliate.

Here, I have a big sense of crisis about Amazon's web service failure and Facebook's personal data leak.
These two companies could not achieve self-management.

These two accidents must be accidents that GAFA should never have caused.
If GAFA had built an appropriate vision for the environment in which they were placed, they would have had the necessary sense of crisis.
And he would have done enough crisis management.
If so, these two accidents would have been deterred.

Facebook introduces the cryptocurrency Libra. This Libra profit is free from foreign exchange gains and losses.
More than 2 billion people worldwide can use the Facebook account to make stable purchases on Libra.

Libra maintains an economic cycle. Libra deters the global economy from falling into a great depression.

Conversely, if Libra is not released from the exchange loss station, Libra will become the investment target of investors.
Libra will bring the global economy into the Great Depression.

With the introduction of Libra, Facebook requires a tremendous level of self-management.
If Facebook builds an appropriate vision of the situation in which it is placed in the global situation and the global economy, a proper understanding of the required self-management will be made.
And all the power will be invested properly to achieve the purpose.

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