NO.045 It means that the party that protects the people from NHK won the seat in the Upper House election. ・・・ Theme label: Receiving contract refusal disputed in court that "Broadcast Law violates the Constitution of Japan that guaranteed freedom of contract", A party that only aims to realize NHK scrambled got a seat

In the House of Councilors elections in July, a new party named “The Party to Protect the People from NHK (abbreviated N National Party)” has won one seat.

The purpose of this party is only one. For those who do not have a reception contract with NHK, a public broadcaster in Japan, this is to realize the scrambling of TV broadcast video of NHK.
The duty of those who belong to this party is only to cooperate in the realization of the policy for this congregation purpose, and how to work on other policies is completely left to the freedom of individual choice.

The Japanese Broadcasting Act forces persons who have purchased equipment that can watch TV broadcasts to conclude a reception contract with NHK.

There are a lot of people in Japan who continue to refuse the receiving contract with NHK, insisting on the "contract freedom" defined in the Constitution of Japan.
NHK has filed a civil lawsuit against the receiving contract refusal person, requesting that the receiving contract be made based on the Broadcast Act.
The accused refusal of receiving contract has continued to defend, arguing that "the Broadcast Act violates the Constitution of Japan."

In December 2018, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that "the Broadcasting Act is constitutional."

The Japanese people have the right to know unbiased information without being biased towards specific individuals or groups. NHK is an institution established to broadcast unbiased information to the public.
The people must pay the necessary cost to protect their "right to know". The people have the right to know the "unbiased information" broadcasted by NHK. The costs necessary to protect the people's rights must be borne equally by all people.
Therefore, the Broadcasting Act is constitutional in light of the Japanese Constitution.

It was the Supreme Court's decision with such a purpose.

Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan instructs Japan to secure the basic human rights, which should be regarded as universal to all human beings, established by humanity in history, to the Japanese people.

The Supreme Court of Japan has ruled that the freedom for an individual to choose on their own how to protect their "right to know" is not an individual's right.

Japan's Supreme Court has ruled that "freedom of thought" is not an individual's right.

It was decided that the reception contract with NHK had to be concluded at the time of installation of equipment to enable viewing of NHK television broadcasts.
The receptionist refusal who disputed the trial was determined that the reception contract had been concluded when the television equipment was installed, and it was a judgment that the payment of the reception fee from that point was forced.

The purpose of the policy of the N Party is to realize to guarantee freedom of contract to those who wish to refuse the contract with NHK.

Since public officials bear public responsibility, I write this article on the premise that it is justified to criticize public responsibility of public officials.
However, since the purpose of this blog is not to identify and criticize individuals, this article refrains from listing specific personal names.
People from the N Party have been refusing to pay the receiving fee to NHK. The governor of Osaka Prefecture and the mayor of Osaka each expressed intense dissatisfaction with the matter.
Let's analyze their remarks.

They said, "If this is allowed, those who are seriously paying the fee will be fools."
The receiving contract is a civil contract. This is a contract to be made on the premise that both parties have reached an agreement.

It is equivalent to saying that they were forced to contract against their will.

"Everyone is forced to contract against their will," they confessed to be aware.
There should be people who voluntarily signed contracts in favor of NHK. It is not uncommon for people to voluntarily donate against the one they support.

The Governor of Osaka and the mayor of Osaka did not have this recognition.

They are democracy-supporting and political parties who have been elected in favor of respecting basic human rights.

Therefore, they should be obliged to secure the human rights of citizens.

Those who contracted against their own intentions contracted for being threatened. NHK's collectors demand a contract, saying, "If you do not contract, it violates the law. The broadcast law so stipulates."
Most people contract for fear of being punished by the law.

So, once an acceptance contract is made, its effect will not be suspended until the subscriber has notified TV Disposal to NHK. The person will continue to be obligated to pay the fee until the notification is received.

This will be a factor that makes the problem more aggressive. At the time of reporting to NHK, the information of the person will remain in the record of NHK.
That person would be obliged to continue to prove to NHK whether he really discarded the television or would not install it again.

The governor of Osaka Prefecture and the mayor of Osaka continue to leave such problems.

And they said, "If this is allowed, we will not pay NHK any more. NHK has a stupid attitude towards the N Nationalist Party."

The refusal to pay the receipt fee is in accordance with the policy principles of the N Party. The N Party daredly selected the law violation in accordance with its policy philosophy.
The N party did not respect taking sanctions from the government.
The governor of Osaka Prefecture and the mayor of Osaka have denied the policy principles of the N Nationalist party with denial.

The governor of Osaka pleadings asked NHK reporters, "If you do not want to contract, is it permitted to not contract?" An NHK reporter made a prompt decision "No!"
The governor of Osaka continued to ask reporters, "You just have to install a television and you have to pay for the reception fee?"
The Governor of Osaka requested permission from NHK reporters not to pay the receiving fee. The reporter rejected the request.

I point out one here. The governor of Osaka Prefecture and the mayor of Osaka belong to the Japan Restoration Society.
The policy purpose of the Japan Restoration Society is to realize the "Doshu system". The policy objective of the Japan Restoration Society is to give each prefecture in Japan a state-like autonomy in the United States.

To that end, they insist on constitutional amendments. Today, the province of Catalonia, Spain, is in intense conflict with the Spanish government in search of independence.
They are trying to make the same thing happen by revising the constitution. In order to realize the constitutional amendment, we are trying to select the Liberal Democratic Party who believes in thorough centralization and the cooperation system to realize the constitutional amendment.

"Osaka is decided by the intention of Osaka." Is it that Osaka acquires a high degree of autonomy?
Those who make such a claim have chosen to follow the decisions of the Japanese central government for all things.

"Who has installed TV must pay NHK for the reception fee." Who decided it? They have no problem awareness about this.
Even more, "The Broadcast Law violates Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan. The Supreme Court of Japan ignores Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan and makes a judgment of the constitution violation." There is no such thing.

What does the policy that they implement lead to? I have great concern.

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