NO.051 Kamikaze. Gyokusai. Mass suicide of civilians. These are the worst war crimes by the Imperial Japanese government. Tokyo air raids and atomic bombings are no longer a violation of international law. The Imperial Japanese government intentionally committed the worst war crimes. ・・・Theme label: Kamikaze. Gyokusai. Mass suicide of civilians. These are war crimes by the Japanese Imperial government. Tokyo air raid and atomic bombing are justified.

I haven't read any texts on international war laws, but I have Naoki Komuro tell me what it is. A person is classified into a combatant and a non-combatant, and only those who are qualified as a combatant can participate in the battle.
Combatants must be able to identify which side the combatant belongs to, and must wear the official military uniform of that side when participating in the battle.

Combatants must openly carry their weapons.
Combatants must be under the direction of an officer responsible for the operation.
And the army must protect those who are not fighters.
In the light of war purposes, the army must not attack anything other than the appropriate target.

By listing in this way, it seems that the intentions of the people who created the war laws of international law can be understood.
Europeans who have fallen into war may think that "war is absolutely unpleasant."
We want to avoid war if possible. If war is unavoidable, it will constrain the fighting action multiple times so that the killing will not escalate.
And if there is no reason to continue the war, we must end the war promptly.

To that end, the military must function systematically according to the will of the state.

Kamikaze, Crushing, and the collective self-determination of the general public in the Japanese Empire during World War II are all violations of international law.
General citizen group self-determination is the participation of non-combatants in the war.
Suicide bombing such as Kamikaze is a war participation by those who have lost their normal combat ability.
Crushing is a war participation of those who have lost their organizational function as an army. It is an attack on the opponent by those who have lost the purpose of continuing the war, and an attack aimed at killing itself.

The American army would not understand at all why the Japanese repeated suicide bombing such as kamikaze, group self-determination of the general public, and crushing. Once the purpose is understood, the US military can find out how to deal with it.

The United States could not find a desirable way to deal with it because it did not understand its purpose.
The Japanese abandon their own lives and keep attacking to kill Americans.

The American army who witnessed the general self-determination of civilians would have been dominated by fear.
To them, it seemed that operatives performing secret destruction operations seemed to end their lives to keep secrets. “What kind of destruction did the Japanese civilians do?”

The American army would have thought that the Japanese were repeatedly attacking at the expense of their own lives for the purpose of killing Americans themselves.

Will all Japanese be genocide?
Will all Americans be genocide?
The Japanese have challenged the United States in an indiscriminate slaughter war, where there are no other outcomes. The US would have only thought so.

In order to prevent the indiscriminate killing of Americans by the Japanese, it was ultimately necessary to select emergency measures such as indiscriminate bombing such as the Tokyo Air Raid and dropping the atomic bomb.

This should be justified in light of the philosophy of international war laws.

The Imperial Japanese government intentionally committed the worst war crimes.

The Imperial Japanese Government continued to prevent Japanese citizens from knowing the laws of war in international law.
The Imperial Japanese government justified religious bombings such as Kamikaze, civilian war participation, and crushing. And the Imperial Japanese Government kept mind-controlling the Japanese people to do these things.

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