NO.021 A spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency officially announced, "If the nuclear parties do not return to the US, we will produce low-enriched uranium that exceeds the limits set in the nuclear agreement." I was stunned that a spokesman from an Iranian government officially threatened the countries that participated in the nuclear agreement. ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

A spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Agency has officially announced that, "If a nuclear agreement does not cause the United States to return to the nuclear agreement, we will produce low enriched uranium that exceeds the ceiling decided by the nuclear agreement." The following is the article I wrote right after that.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that a spokesman from a part of the Iranian government officially made a statement that threatened each member of the nuclear agreement.

The following was sent to one of the leaders of Islamic teachers in Iran:

In Christianity and Islam, there is a difference in the character of doctrine, and it seems to me that neither Christians nor Muslims understand this thing enough. Since neither the United States nor Iran can understand the other side, I think that no solution to the problem between them has been found.

There is a commandment in the Bible saying, "Return the things of Caesar to Caesar, and return the things of God to God." Christians are keeping this commandment.

Christians believe in being a person who believes in God in the spirit as well as being a living human being of the world of creation and living according to the rules of the world of creation.

People who live according to the rules of the world of creation sometimes sin. In Christianity, because human beings are powerless beings who can not do good themselves, God teaches that the overflowing mercy will be poured on human beings.

Because Christians living in the world of creation are sinful creatures that themselves can not do good, they keep their heads down to the inside of God and seek for forgiveness of sins. I understand that this is a Christian faith out.

And since Christians are not allowed to judge the faith of others, they respect the faith of others. And, Christians want people of different religions only to follow the rules of the world of creation.

I understand that the US government, as one of the world leaders in creation, wants the Iranian government to negotiate.

In the Islamic society, we have heard that it is the Muslim faith to live the life following the Islamic commandments. Isn't the job of a teacher like you reading and interpreting the Islamic scriptures and telling them to their compatriots?

As teachers are also human, they may misinterpret. However, those who follow the interpretation performed by those in the role of teacher are considered to keep God's commandments. It seems that there is this thought.

Everyone is the same creature, and there is no special person. Only God is the Almighty. However, someone in human beings must be taught by God. Muhammad took on that role, and God copied the words from the stone plate written on it to the Quran.

And those who took on the role of teachers continued to interpret and communicate the Koran to their brothers in various everyday cases. And he wrote his own interpretation on the book for the convenience of later teachers. I heard that this book is also considered a scripture.

As a profession, one chooses a carpenter and the other chooses a cook. Likewise, have you chosen a teacher as a profession? It's not a special thing. However, they respect those who have taken on the role of teachers for themselves.

Those in charge of the US government will have to consult with the leaders of teachers in the Islamic society as one of the leaders in the world of creation.

"In my position, I would like to ask people in the Islamic community to do this in order to fulfill our responsibilities to the fellows of the American state. Can we do that?"

An Islamic society, in the language of sociology, is a community society. A group of sectarian believers, to say the whole, form a family. It is not the government that people follow. Governments also follow the instructions that teachers interpret the scriptures.

The US government must follow the Christian philosophy and, as a leader of the world of creation, consult with a leader of the Islamic society.

Even non-Christians can be Americans and members of the American government. However, I think that America is a country made by Christians, so it is required to follow the rules of the world of creation.

Repeating this consultation should ensure that you can find a solution that both sides can agree on. I think Islam should be a doctrine that can help and live together with people of different religions. Muslims will be described that God made the teaching so.

Lastly, the people of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency would somehow try to stop the war in the United States for their compatriots.

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A spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency said, "If the United States does not follow the nuclear agreement, we will produce enriched uranium beyond the ceiling set in the nuclear agreement. Countries participating in the nuclear agreement will We will also keep our agreement. ”

A part of the government has decided to act out of compliance with the nuclear agreement, and one spokesman of the part has threatened other countries with the threat of becoming a war.
They probably had never thought about doing war. So I didn't even notice that he was making a totally pointless talk as a Diplomatic negotiations.

If such a remark is made, the nuclear agreement participating countries do not even think about holding down enriched uranium with or without saying. It is not intimidating at all. If there is even a bit of cleverness, it will at least try to hide this until nuclear weapons are ready.

Each part of the Iranian state would be to act selfishly without following the direction of the chief executive of the government. It will be said that the sense of the discipline of the organization does not exist from the beginning.
Therefore, the department that has stored nuclear weapons may sell it on its own.

Naturally, the sold nuclear weapons eventually pass on to terrorists. The U.S. government can not imagine not fully managing nuclear weapons, so it will mean that Iran will be seen as a terror-supporting state.

If, instead of the government chief, an Islamic teacher interprets the scripture and teaches, "Don't sell nuclear weapons to the merchant," people in that department will obey, right?

Iran, which has asked Japan for arbitration, will not choose to attack Japan's tanker at the same time. Of course, President Trump is aware of this. It seems that some Iranian officials say that it is a US conspiracy to defeat Iran, but the United States can not use Japan's allied nations as a trick.

It is highly likely that it is a measure of someone in the neighboring countries that wants to take control of the region from Iran. That's fine for other countries. If safe and free navigation of the sea area is guaranteed. The occurrence of this terrorism is nothing less than Iran's failure to fulfill this responsibility.

This trick was a failure if even one of them was killed. However, it was fulfilled that no one was killed.

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