NO.013 A Russian media man said, “I don't understand why I have to return the northern territory to Japan.” Let me tell you. To save Russia from the march to ruin. ・・・ Theme label: , Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan and Japanese Constitution Category label: Russia

A Russian media man said, "I don't understand why we have to return the northern territory to Japan."
Let me tell you what it means.

This is to prevent Russia from making a runaway to ruin, like the Lemming march.
Russia is afraid of being invaded. So, “Conquer before being invaded.” Russia will not be able to suppress this urge. Russia's runaway to ruin will be the fate of Russia.

The Japanese are determined to fight seriously when the Japanese islands are being invaded. The Japanese at that time is ready to die. Japanese people of island nations think that they cannot survive if the islands of Japan are robbed. The Japanese at that time will decide to fight and die if they die anyway.
Past history will prove.

Many Japanese should be deeply suspicious that Russia, which invaded the northern territory, would try to further invade Japanese islands.
So I think the Japanese will have to prepare to fight the invader Russia.

And the Japanese could make a choice, saying, "I will die anyway, so I will kill all the invaders."
It may be possible to aim at Moscow directly with weapons of mass destruction.

It's no use no matter what excuses Russia has. Japanese can only hear excuses. It is Japanese who judge.
Russia is dominated by the obsession of what we just mentioned.

The main enemy of Russia is probably not Japan. Is Russia frightened by invasion from its main enemy, the virtual enemy country?
Japan may become a detonator and cause a collision between Russia and Russia's main enemy.
Russia will not be able to stop the runaway to ruin.

If Russia returns the northern territory, the Japanese can rest assured that Russia is not an invader.
Russia is also freed from the obsession described above and does not fall into a runaway to ruin.

But my real interest is not here. In Japan, there are those who are trying to change the current Constitution of Japan in order to rebuild the former Japanese Empire.
Above all, I am afraid that they will use the territorial return of the Northern Territories.

If the northern territory issue causes Japan to become a great Japanese empire and lead to a runaway aggression, it is better not to return the northern territory from the beginning. If I say this, I may get angry by the former islanders.

I want Russia to stop the invasion. Because the Japanese runaway cannot be suppressed.
I'm dominated by obsessions and have said the above.
Russians should also think slowly about the above.

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