NO.024 Do Islamic religious leaders call on jihad to their believers even if they do what is equivalent to a declaration of war in the rules of the international community? ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

Suppose that the United States has attacked Iran by military. The Iranian state will be completely destroyed. However, Islamic sects will remain. They will decide on retaliation. A second Islamic country may be built.

Muslim religious leaders all over the world may declare that the Muslim state has been destroyed by Christians and call on the believers to jihad. A turbulent situation will arise.

The impact will spread to all countries in the whole world. For example, the EU has no habit of being irrelevant.

It is a modified version. It was a story I heard in the news during the war in Iraq. When the Hussein government collapsed, people looted government buildings. Then, it seems that the religious leader examined the scripture and said that "public things must be returned to the public." Then people carried what they had stolen into the mosque.

It does not lead people by receiving revelation from God. It seems as if a lawyer looks at a law book and teaches people?

Because it is what is written in the scriptures, it is God's command, but there was no problem without knowing until then. When the clergy did not think of searching the scriptures, people remained in violation of God's command.
And what do you think would happen if the clergy misinterpreted the scripture?

Furthermore, people were not trying to follow the direction of public agencies such as the government. I did not think that it would be bad if I did not follow the instructions of the US forces who overthrew the Hussein regime. I did not ask the UN for any instructions. I listened only to the instructions of the clergy.

In Islam, I heard that no one is a special person. However, God's command must be given by someone.

The person who took on that role went to Heaven in Muhammad, and copied the written contents from a stone plate that God himself carved into words on paper. I heard that the copied book was the Quran.

Here, God's command can not be properly transmitted to humans. However, Muhammad transmitted the word directly, seeing directly the stone plate written directly by God, so it is transmitted most correctly. So you are said to be the last prophet.

Is Islam's doctrine what people do in daily life according to God's command? How is that God's command transmitted to people? It is due to tell.

In Islam, there is no special human being, so it may be a teacher rather than a clergyman.
Here, we speculate that those who follow what the teacher interprets the scripture may be considered to have kept God's commandments.

In daily life, we face various cases. It is practically difficult to interpret all of them in the context of the Koran. Therefore, the interpretation rule which interpreted the Koran is put together in the book, and the book seems to be regarded as a scripture.
The content of the teacher's interpretation of the scriptures is regarded as the commandment of God.

Naturally, the teacher will make a difference in interpretation. The teacher's interpretation is considered to be unconditionally correct. So, people are taught to "keep the teacher's interpretation". Is this not the cause of sectarian conflict?

The other day, a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency interviewed in a declaration that if the participating countries in the nuclear agreement do not let the United States keep the nuclear agreement, we will produce enriched uranium that can produce nuclear weapons.
It seems that there is no sense of state discipline, a part of the government choosing self-directed behavior and making self-directed statements.

They would have never thought about war as a nation's will. If they have their intention, they will unify at the national level in advance, create a scenario, and act according to the scenario. It would be impossible to announce the production of highly enriched uranium before nuclear weapons are completed.

It is equivalent to saying, "If the United States does not keep the nuclear agreement, we will make highly enriched uranium." There will be nothing for intimidation. Is it the remark of the person who is not specialized in diplomacy?

The Iranian government may not function at all as a state organization. People in Iranian society, including the government, live their daily lives according to what religious teachers interpret the scriptures. This is probably the behavior of Iranian society. That's what I think.

The Iranian Defense Force shot down the American drone and proved its interception ability. But that would not have been a strategic intention as a nation. It declares that there is no intention of dialogue, so it will threaten the United States and try to self-indulge war and economic sanctions.

The same is true for other nuclear member states. I will not respond to the dialogue. What is the purpose?
I think that if the United States has the same allegations and guesses Iran's intention, it may solidify its intention.

By the way, in the current international community, when a sovereign state declares that it has options for war, if it declares that it does not respond to dialogue, it is to declare the breakdown of peace negotiations, which is equivalent to the declaration of war. That's the rule. Are Islamic religious leaders aware of it and calling upon the believers tojihad ?

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