No.012 Iran's President Rouhani has officially stated that it will enrich uranium beyond the provisions of the nuclear agreement. Participants in the nuclear agreement must be prepared to make decisions. Only the enrichment of uranium that allows nuclear weapons production must be blocked. ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

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This is a content posted on SNS that I want to convey to people in the EU and other nuclear agreement participating countries.
Iran's President Rouhani officially stated that it would enrich uranium beyond the provisions of the nuclear agreement.
This is a clear violation of the nuclear agreement and is subject to sanctions by countries other than the US that have withdrawn from the nuclear agreement.

Nuclear agreements should be individual agreements between individual participating countries and Iran. The United States has left, but the agreement between Iran and the countries that have not left is valid.
The purpose of the nuclear agreement is that Iran will not manufacture nuclear weapons. As long as Iran's production is limited to low-enriched uranium, even if its production exceeds the upper limit of the nuclear agreement, there is still room for the current participating countries.

However, Iran's decision to produce highly enriched uranium is only possible when Iran produces nuclear weapons.
Iran is willing to manufacture nuclear weapons. Can you tolerate Iran's possession of nuclear weapons and the danger of proliferation? If not, wouldn't it be necessary to take action decisions?
Before the completion of Iranian nuclear weapons, production can be abandoned by diplomacy.

Most of Iran's friendly countries at the present time are friendly countries with Iran that do not have nuclear weapons. Things change if Iran owns nuclear weapons.
There must be many countries that recognize Iran's possession of nuclear weapons as a matter of life and death. So does Iran intend to possess nuclear weapons?

China, who has a one-and-one-and-one-way concept, should be unacceptable that Iran's possession of nuclear weapons will worsen the situation in the Middle East.

It should be possible to unite countries that cannot tolerate Iran's possession of nuclear weapons. The international blockade against Iran can be realized and Iran's nuclear weapons production can be abandoned.

Once Iranian nuclear weapons are complete, war is inevitable.

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No.311 Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds. This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit. Solve problem. Please judge.

No.308 Potential in India. ・・・“God prepared India for the crisis of the world.” Some Christians may think so.

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