NO.015 Have you ever wondered what people say, “I will protect my country by myself”? In order for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to escort ships navigating the Strait of Holmes, do we need many bases from East Asia to the Indian Ocean? ・・・ Theme label: The purpose of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty. Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan and Japanese Constitution

There are those who say, "Our country protects itself." Have they ever thought specifically about what to do?

Amend the Constitution and dispatch the Self Defense Force freely to overseas so that it can use force. ... Do they think that they solve it?
Let's say that the Constitution was revised to allow the SDF to freely operate overseas. What is needed to protect freedom of navigation in the Holmes Strait?

Before that, those who say, "Our country protects itself", etc., are thinking about things in the sense of a peaceful and peaceful world affairs now? It will be a peace blur.
Prime Minister Abe says, "The current security environment surrounding Japan has deteriorated incomparably compared with the Cold War era of the United States and the United States of America," etc. A peaceful world situation is a natural feeling like air and water?

They are out of peace.

In the Cold War, America should have felt the crisis of war unbelievably incomparable.
During the Cold War, the United States and the Security Treaty have never been released. To deter Japan's most militarization and to maintain the worldwide deployment of the US military.

The United States was seriously thinking about the possibility of war with the Soviet Union in the past. So there was little interaction between the American and Allied camps and the Soviet Union and allies, separated by iron curtains.
Both were preparing to go alive even if the other party disappeared.

The present Japan's defense debate is a debate among those who are out of peace. If you execute the conclusion of such an argument, you do not know what unexpected thing happens and what happens.

As an example, let's consider that Japan secures the safety of navigation in the Holmes Strait by itself.
In order for the Self-Defense Forces to ensure the safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes, Japan must first navigate an armed ship from the mainland of Japan to the relevant waters. And Japan must secure a port to be a base in the relevant sea area.
And we must secure supply of supplies necessary for SDF of the sea area concerned. ... If the fuel runs out and you can not move in an emergency situation, then the fate of the escort ship is all over.

The situation in which it is necessary to ensure the safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes is that a state of war is assumed. In that situation, if the nation provides a port for the Self-Defense Forces, it means that oneself may be involved in the war.
An escort ship heading to the Strait of Holmes will be considered an armed ship with the intention of battle. Countries around the East Asia-Indian Ocean route may not accept the escort ship's navigation.
In those countries. I do not want the relationship between the Self-Defense Forces and the partner country to get worse.

There may not be a country that can easily provide ports to the SDF. Many countries will be required to leave the Self-Defense Forces when they are in a state of peace, but in a war situation.
Providing supplies to the SDF means that one person participates in the war. It will not be easy for Japan to find someone who will take care of the provision of supplies.

So, the country that provided the port would be in war with another country, and the port would be attacked. At that time, what will the SDF do?

President Trump is asking for a volunteer coalition to secure the safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes, but may not have asked for dispatching an escort ship to Japan?
Because countries in Europe are from the Middle East, dispatching warships would not be that difficult. Japan is too far away. ... Japan has too many obstacles.

Securing the navigation safety from the Middle East to the mainland of Japan by itself is that the Self-Defense Forces escort ship will escort all of the routes?
If an escort ship escorts a Japanese-flagged Japanese vessel, it will need as many escort vessels as the number of ships it can.

Japan will no longer have to secure a port as a base for each unit it shares, if it shares its role in each sea area.
And Japan will have to maintain its own system, such as supply, to maintain that location.

If Japan reforms its constitution, things will get worse. Until now, countries that have been accepted for adhering to the pacifism stipulated in the Japanese Constitution are not accepted as they are considered to have turned Japan into a war state.
Those countries may not be able to accept minesweeping activities like minesweeping.

If Japan reforms its constitution, the possibility of dispatching a Self-Defense Forces escort ship to the Middle East is likely to be zero.

If Japan can not secure crude oil supply from the Middle East, it will have to change itself to rely on crude oil supply from the Middle East.

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