NO.043 “The formation of the Coalition of the willing was a sign of the dissolution of the United Nations,” a later historian may appreciate. President Trump's America First may have changed America's willingness to take final responsibility as a world leader ・・・Theme label: The possibility of the dissolution of the United Nations by America First,Russian participation in Belt and Road Category label: the Coalition of the willing

"The formation of the Coalition of the willing was a sign of the dissolution of the United Nations." ... a later generation historian might appreciate it.

In the previous article I mentioned that the post-World War II situation was built around the United Nations by the American vision.

As a leader, the United States was in charge of the last responsibility in the current world affairs.

Countries around the world have acknowledged that the American vision was the most accurate, and that the United States has the ultimate responsibility in world affairs.
Therefore, each country in the world should recognize the United States as a leader and support the current global system established by the American vision.

The current President Trump's America First is, in principle, that America withdrew its will as the leader and as the leader of the world affairs.

However, the situation changes depending on how thoroughly the United States does America First.

The fact that the United States has declared the formation of the Coalition of the willing now means that it has become clear that it is the intention of the United States to cease to be responsible for world affairs as a leader and to thoroughly enforce America First. .

Many of the United Nations member states are likely to have concluded that the value of continuing to join the United Nations has been lost.

"The United States now uses the United Nations for the benefit of the United States only. Even if we continue to join the United Nations, the United States merely uses us for the benefit of the United States, We have no benefit. “
I think many countries would recognize as such.

Many United Nations member states should have followed the requirements of the United States. The United States has continued to assume the final responsibility as a leader of the world affairs. Therefore, many United Nations member states have determined that the US requirements are worthy to follow.

This should have benefited many American companies. The governments of many United Nations member states would have had to implement policies with the preference for US companies in mind.

If a member of the United Nations deviates from the United States, the United Nations loses its centripetal power.

If this situation continues, I think the United Nations will be disbanded.

It would have been a burden as America continued to be a leader in world affairs, but it would have been profitable.
America should eventually come to understand this reality.

What kind of process will you follow in the future? First of all, there will be countries that are forced to find countermeasures in forming the Coalition of the willing.
For Russia and China, the existence of the Coalition of the willing would not be advantageous to them.

The two countries will be aggressively promoting the One-Belt-One- Road plan that China has conceived.
For China, if Russia could secure its rich natural resources, it would not have to rely on oil transport from the Middle East via the Indian Ocean.

China and Russia will make every effort to establish an economic zone that is not dependent on the United States.
And, each member of the United Nations, which has departed from the United States, will seek active cooperation with these two countries.

For Japan, it is impossible to secure an oil transportation route from the Middle East to the Indian Ocean on its own.
Then, it was impossible from the beginning that Japan's economy was dependent on oil from the Middle East.
I think Japan needs to review its national policy.

I think I do not know what happens to the Japan-US Security Treaty. With the abolition of the Japan-US Security Treaty, Japan could possibly form a new alliance with Russia and China.

I think that the United States will face various difficulties that have not been encountered until now, as the member states of the United Nations move away one after another.

I think that such a thing will be repainting the strategic map of the world situation greatly.

I think Japan will be incapacitated due to a series of unexpected events for Japan.

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