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In a previous article, I talked about what I wanted to know about economics a few decades ago. At that time, various things were said by mass media, but I did not understand well. I thought that it would be nice if I could understand it even a little, and I investigated.

"I would appreciate if I could determine which experts could trust and commit," I expected so.

So, in the world in general, there may be many people who say that economics and economics are not understood well.

I think that I could understand the essence of macroeconomics from articles on the Internet etc. of those who are judged to be researchers in macroeconomics.

According to the macroeconomics that I have made me understand, the parliamentarians are saying something outrageous about the economy, right?
We will talk about this at the next opportunity.

Here I will describe my understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics.

I am a university graduate of the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science. My grades were bad.
When I became a third grader, I was almost in a state of frustration, but it seems that I was still able to understand the basic level.

The reason why I mentioned this is that I thought that the relationship between microeconomics and macroeconomics is similar to the relationship between mass point dynamics and statistical mechanics in physics.
If you follow the same logic, you should be able to explain in economics and physics with an equivalent theory. ···That's what I think.

If my judgment was appropriate, macroeconomics is a statistical process of microeconomics.
While microeconomics deals with the behavior of each real person or company performing economic activities, macroeconomics deals with data of all the people and companies involved in economic activities by statistical processing Right?

Suddenly, I would say something like this, but many economists seemed to have not understood the root of the theory.
There is no doubt that they were excellent people. They read economic thesis and were able to remember it in a form similar to a circle memorandum. And they were able to manipulate formulas etc.
Therefore, I think that they did not try to understand the root of the essence logically.

If the reality is that economists' recommendations in the economy are not useful, I think the cause can be found here.
I do not try to understand the root logically, so I think it is because I misunderstood the root.

They were saying something unexpected. According to macroeconomics, in order to think about economic phenomena, it was said that what the actual conditions of real society look like has nothing to do with it.
Whether it is a modern society with highly developed industry or a primitive society where it is unclear whether or not industry exists, the actual state of society has nothing to do with it.
If the central bank declares an inflation target, the economy can achieve high growth.

A man from the economics department was told, “Economic person do not exist. I quit because I hated learning Economics which deal with people who do not exist."

After statistical processing of the population, all real elements are omitted, resulting in abstracted statistics. He would not have been able to be taught from a university teacher that the economics was such a statistic, so it would not exist and be natural.

There is a word that says "a mistake of synthesis". Even if a plurality of micro quantities are synthesized, the size in the macro is not the sum of the quantities of each micro.
It seems that economists of macroeconomics can not understand this well. ... This is a feature of the vector? The elements of the vector are not only size but also oriented. The composition of vectors with different orientations is not simply the sum of magnitudes.

The theory of macroeconomics has no elements such as variables that express the actual situation of reality.
If statistical processing is performed, all elements of the actual reality will be omitted, and only abstracted statistics will be extracted.

I think economists do not notice this because they do not understand the rationale of the theory logically. And they conclude that "the real reality does not matter at all when judging the economy," based on the fact that the macroeconomic theory does not have an element showing the actual reality. It has arrived.

So, in order to solve economic problems that economists can not solve, it is better to look at the actual situation and analyze.

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