NO.018 In December 2017, in the Supreme Court decision of the inbound contract trial, the Broadcasting Law was judged constitutional. Japanese democracy committed suicide. ・・・ Theme label: Receiving contract refusal disputed in court that "Broadcast Law violates the Constitution of Japan that guaranteed freedom of contract", Japan's Supreme Court rulings that violate the constitution

The following are the sentences that were spelled immediately after the Supreme Court decision of the NHK reception contract trial was made in December 2017.

The Supreme Court's decision against NHK's receiving contract refusal was announced that "forcing a television installer to have a receiving contract with NHK is constitutional."
The Supreme Court ruled the Broadcast Act as the only legitimate principle that the people should obey.
The Supreme Court does not allow any protests by those who "oppose the principles of the Broadcast Act and choose to act in protest." It is only one of the people's duty to fulfill according to the principles of the Broadcast Act. Forced.

The Supreme Court denied the basic human rights of the individual saying, "Freedom of thought."

Japan's democracy committed suicide.
The ruling in the Supreme Court will be the Precedent  in a future trial.

Isn't the broadcast law really a violation of the constitution, and is this Supreme Court decision logically not a violation of the constitution?
Perhaps a lot of people make that decision, especially ... people outside Japan.

Whether the Supreme Court judge is appointed by the government? ... No matter how many people logically interpret the constitution, the final interpretation of the constitution is decided by the Supreme Court. This was supposed to be a security device that makes democracy work.
Has the government tried to substantially destroy the current Constitution of Japan by using the final interpretation of the Supreme Court's constitution?
A law that denies not only the freedom of individual thought but also the freedom of contract that should normally be entrusted to the individual's free will by the Supreme Court decision of the NHK reception contract trial becoming a precedent, Human rights that the government allows the people to do The law which unilaterally sets the human rights which is not forgiven, the state which unilaterally sets the duty of the people, and the law which compels the people to be obedient will be judged to be constitutional.

From now on, the law that the government unilaterally set the philosophy and the force to the people, the law that the government forced the civil contract, the law that unilaterally set the human rights that the government is allowed and the human rights that the people are allowed, Even if a law was established to unilaterally oblige the people to obey, it was decided that all of these would be constitutional. ... Later on, such laws will continue to be produced by the government.
Many drafts of such laws have already been prepared, and it may be that they are waiting for this decision.
In the future, even if the government has enacted the people as a human bomb and enacted a law that requires the nation to commit suicide attacks against Japanese enemies, this will be considered constitutional.
In Japan, this self-cleaning will not be possible. After fascism Japan once revived, and after the war with other countries, it saved the lives of many people, and once Japan was destroyed, it was recreated again as a democratic nation by the warmth of other countries. I think there is no way but to get it.

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