NO.016 I understand the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Analyzes the American scientific rationalist spirit. Prof. Naoki Komuro was told that American scientific rationalism was the negative of religion. ・・・ Theme label: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Category label: Religious Sociology, Protestantism

More than 30 years ago, I heard from a sociologist Naoki Komuro, that nearly 40% of Americans are fundamentalists who believe in the scripture as they are, and that being a religious nation is the essence of America .

Komuro also said that American scientific rationalism is a negative of religion.
Religious sociology should be useful for solving problems between Christian society and Islamic society.

I can understand the ethics of Protestantism and the spirit of capitalism. I have heard that the history of Weber research is the history of misreading.
However, I think that understanding should be deepened with the flow of time.

I think that the social revolution that began in religious reform is still ongoing.
Individuals' own behavior is reconstructed by their own interpretation of the Bible. And by that, the essence of society is reconstructed. I understand that Max Weber calls it a social revolution.

I understand that the social revolution will progress as the individual deepens the interpretation of the Bible.
I think that this book can be understood if the New Testament is interpreted logically and thoroughly.

I think what kind of genius is the intelligence that has created rare genius ideas in the Bible.
If you say, "The Bible is written by the spirit of God?", I can be convinced, "There is no wonder then."

I think it would have been the same for people who were considered outstanding intelligence in the past. I think this would have become the decisive power over people's minds.

Protestantism makes us understand that the motives that fundamentally changed people's behavior are the urges that we want to be freed from the fear of the schedule.

Predestination: I understand the theme of Roman letter.

Does that hope mean that existence was possible?

Human beings can not measure and know the will of God. The truth of the Bible can not be properly understood by humans. It is ordered that you should not judge it. You are commanded not to punish others.

It is not permitted to judge that one's Bible interpretation is sin.

Each person must interpret the Bible according to his conscience. God knows the weakness of humanity well. I think there is room for forgiveness here. This is my idea.

God was trapped in disobedience to pity the people. God created people as powerless beings in order to pour full of mercy. These descriptions should have given people the hope of salvation.

I have heard that American Protestants educate our children to read the Bible repeatedly and interpret it for themselves.

Luther and Carvan's doctrines are their own interpretation. The same goes for preaching in the church. Interpreting yourself can lead to a different interpretation than what is taught.

I hear that there are many doctrines that presuppose the Trinity. It is written that "someday the child will not know, the Holy Spirit will not know. Only the Father who is in the sky will know."

It is interpreted that neither the Son nor the Holy Spirit participate in the plan of the Father.

Father Son Holly spirit may not be one.

Let's think in set theory. Consider two categories: Creator and Creation. The child and the Holy Spirit belong to the category of the Creator. However, it is interpreted as belonging to a subset among creators.

What I would like to point out is that if people try to interpret on their own, there will always be those who do the same interpretation as the one I just mentioned.

If Father Son Holly spirit is not one, the New Testament writing may not be God's final will.

The New Testament, at this point in time, only describes that God was permitted to be passed on to humans.
There is a possibility that the seal of hope may not be released if people are not allowed to know at this point in time.

I heard that there is a doctrines that vocational labor is God's command.
The benefit gained from vocational work is that there is room to be interpreted as evidence that is fixed in God's salvation.

The benefits of vocational work will be a blessing given to God. People must have the all-mindedness and receive God's blessings. It should not be disturbed by past customs or desires. We must rebuild our entire personality and get God's blessing in a rational manner.

The mental impetus that makes this happen is an urge to be freed from the fear of schedule theory.

The social revolution that began with religious reform may still be ongoing.

Modern scientific rationalism is considered to be an aspect of behavior introduced to people's mind by protestantism.

I think that the uncertainty principle and quantum mechanics were not born if protestantism did not exist.

I heard that Greek philosophy classifies things into two categories: existence and nonexistence.

I think that the idea of ​​"not exist" and not "not exist" is created by the reason of protestantism.

I heard about "God's miracle." God created the heaven and earth. The law of the universe was also created by God. Only the creator can change this universe law. A miracle is a change in the law of the universe, a proof that the power of God has worked.

Here, it is written that "the wicked and unrighteous age seeks a sign, but it will never be given other than Jonah's sign." In a word, it is to say that God is stated not to give human beings a miracle. That is, all phenomena that occur in the universe can be proved by science.

I think that the research of science by Christian scientists is to prove their own faith. The scientist has a heart to wish, "If God will forgive me, I want to know a little bit more deeply of the truth of God who enslaves my heart so far."

"If you are allowed, I want to know the truth of the universe created by God."

The American evolutionary trial was one of historical significance. "God should not have allowed people to know the evidence of the creation of the earth and the earth.

God must have created Heaven and Earth so that humans appear to have evolved from monkeys. "

Those who interpret in this way must always exist.

"What you see in front of you is not necessarily the truth." I think this idea exists.

"The great universe was created five minutes ago. This creation of the universe continues to be repeated."

I hear that such a cosmology has been proposed. I think that it is a sense that was created with the trial of the theory of evolution.

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