NO.011 Iran will be destroyed if the United States goes to war with Iran. But a second Islamic country will be born. “Christians destroyed the Muslim country.” Maybe Muslims see it? ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

It has been posted on SNS repeatedly, but if the United States gets into a war with Iran, the Iranian nation will be destroyed. However, no doubt a second Islamic country will be born.
I analyzed the process.

I heard that Muslims are, by nature, extremely mild and merciful people.
In the past, I heard the story of an Islamic nation, who had mercilessly persecuted refugees and gave them a place to live.

Because they are such people, once they are attacked, their experience becomes traumatic, and I think that they can not control pity and hatred.
Looking at the source of the bombings of Iraq and others, the hearts of these people will bear a lasting trauma.
Consider a case in which a person who is deeply traumatized becomes a religious leader.
It seems that Islam is a religion in which the spiritual trauma of religious leaders determines the character of the sect.

The following cases are described for analysis.

During the war in Iraq, when the Hussein regime collapsed, some people looted government facilities, and religious leaders who knew it searched and interpreted Islamic scriptures. He told people that "public things must be returned to the public."
Then people carried the looted thing into the mosque.

It did not matter that they did not know in advance the command of Allah. When something happened, religious leaders examined the scriptures and made interpretations, and after they knew Allah's orders, there were no problems if people kept them.
People sometimes make mistakes. People sometimes do not know what they have to know. People should fix when they know.
I think that Islam will accept the person as it is, without denying it. Both religious leaders and ordinary believers are the same.

And I think that the religious leader interprets the scripture, and that interpretation is considered as the command of Allah.

The question of whether religious leaders are interpreting the scripture properly seems not to be cast.
In Islam, creators and creations are separated. Religious leaders are also human beings. The will of Allah can not be understood. Therefore, it is judged that the ideology "There is a religious leader who interprets the scriptures and who obeys the interpretation will be regarded as obeying the command of Allah."

There must be room for interpretation of the scriptures by religious leaders. Therefore, I judge that various sects were created.

Religious leaders who are deeply traumatized are accepted as they are. The interpretation of the scriptures conducted by the leader may be influenced by pity and hatred.
As a result, it is judged that a sect that built an Islamic country was created.

Perhaps the former Taliban was also created by the principles just described?
I have heard that the land in Afghan was a rich land where people used to live peacefully and peacefully.
The army of the superpower came suddenly there and started the war.

In the subjectivity of the Islamic people, "When we live peacefully and happily, the American army suddenly came in. The American army dropped bombs from the high air we could not reach and destroyed our lives. They killed my beloved family. "
If my recognition is appropriate, it is concluded that the United States itself has created an American enemy.
If this has not been recognized by the United States of America, it is concluded that the United States itself has continued to make American enemies.

Economic sanctions and immigration control by the United States are appropriate measures for security, but I think that they create some fatal condition.
The possibility of mutual understanding through direct communication between Americans and Iranians should be completely cut off.
As a result, it may be hopelessly difficult for each other to understand each other sufficiently, so it may be hopeless to find a solution.
Among many people, by communicating directly with each other, a person who understands the other person will always emerge. That person will find a solution and suggest it.

It seems that the United States, without knowing, has continued to cut this possibility.
Perhaps it has been all the time since the time of the Taliban's birth, and America, unfortunately, didn't have a chance to notice this?
What will the end be?

The war between the United States and Japan during World War II would be helpful for judgment.
At that time, the Great Japanese Empire government completely cut off the chance that Japanese people at that time could directly know Americans and Americans.

Even Americans could not know Japan and Japanese directly.

The Japanese were completely controlled by mind control by the Japanese government's advertisement. The Japanese, as being told by the government, carried out suicide attacks such as ball crushes, general public group self-determination, Kamikaze, etc. At that time, they could not decide to make other choices.

Americans could not judge Japanese only by looking at Japanese in such a form.
As a result, it was possible to end the war only by repeated indiscriminate bombings of large cities and the tragic consequences of atomic bombings.

Under the present circumstances, since every Iranian can not get to know the American people deeply, the imagination bound by suspicion becomes a stereotype. As a result, if a religious leader is named America as evil, people can only choose to accept it as it is. The religious leaders themselves will continue to be cursed on the same stereotype as other people, right?

During World War II, the U.S. military continued to communicate the security of protection to Japanese civilians and called for the termination of self-determination.
The Japanese civilians could not escape from the mind control given "Americans are demons" and they could not make choices other than self-determination.

There are many people in Japan who have been in direct communication with the people in Iran, who will tell us about Iranians and things in Iran.

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