No.010 I would like to ask Hong Kong people. Democracy means that the people who choose the governor take full responsibility for politics. Please think about this first. Hong Kong people should first talk to the Chinese government. ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

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I would like to ask Hong Kong members. Democracy means that those who choose the political party bear full responsibility of politics. Not only domestic affairs, but also defense and diplomacy must be totally responsible.

In the case of the United States, I understand that democracy was chosen at the time of the founding. In the United States, immigrants were founded for the purpose of creating a new home country. For joint purpose, for joint defense, the founders agreed and the United States was founded.

I heard that it can be said that the United States is a country established by a social contract. I agree with the founding philosophy of the United States, and I heard that it is an ideology of the people of the United States that the person who chose the United States as his own country is an American.

Recognized as a country appropriate for entrusting the future of oneself, family, and children, he chose America as his home country. Therefore, they will save their lives and protect their homeland America. This is understood as American patriotism.

I hear that America's founding is still going on. "I do not know what America will be tomorrow, but tomorrow America is more like America than today's America." I hear that Americans have this conviction.

American democracy should have been built with the founding of America.

Americans declare that "our philosophy never changes." Hundreds of years after its founding. If the United States can not accept one immigrant who chose the United States as the mother country, the United States will be lost in the United States. I heard that Americans have this conviction.

However, immigrants should be obliged to prove that they are suitable for American citizens. I understand that the United States will refuse to accept illegal immigrants because they do not fulfill their duties.

American democracy should have been built over the test in American history by the strong conviction of Americans.

Chinese society has also been built by Chinese in a longer history than the United States. However, democracy has not been built with Chinese society. I think people in Hong Kong may not have come to fully understand how to manage democracy.

China will have a Chinese style. China must be the same as the United States that the administration must continue to be supported by the people. However, it seems that there is a Chinese style in the way of gaining power. Those who want to get the administration can get the administration by themselves in any way. The people accept the established government.

However, if the administration loses the support of the people, Heaven will kill the administration on behalf of the people. I hear that it is a Chinese style.

Questions for everyone in Hong Kong. Are you chosen to be Chinese or are you denied to be Chinese? If you choose to be Chinese, you should follow the Chinese style first . First of all, you should accept the Chinese government and seek dialogue with the Chinese government. Hong Kong has been returned to China.

There were also citizens who answered in the interview, "Hong Kong should follow the Chinese government because it has become China."

I want to ask you the last one. Are you ready to win independence from China in order to win democracy, are you ready to defend Hong Kong from the invaders on your own, and are you ready to take full responsibility for Hong Kong's diplomacy? It is democracy to bear all responsibility in choosing the administration.

I can say this because I trust the Chinese government. Governments who have continued to fulfill their governance responsibilities for the vast land of 1.4 billion people will surely understand what must be done.
You should trust it.

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