NO.009 About demonstration of democratization organization in Hong Kong. It is the judgment of a Japanese person looking at the media reports in Japan. Is the Chinese government a democratic repressor? Many Chinese do not seek democracy. ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

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About demos of Hong Kong democratization organizations.
The following is the content that one Japanese person judged in light of media reports in Japan.

In Japan, the Abe administration has stated that China is a state of aggression, and has argued that a constitutional amendment must be made to defend Japan from China's military threats.
The LDP draft constitutional amendments currently pending are to restore the former Great Japanese Empire. It is feared that the Chinese government will be determined to be a democratic cracker and that the mood for constitutional revision will be overwhelmed in Japan. This is my obsession.

How many people in mainland China want democratization?

There are so many Chinese people in the United States, who have come to know American democracy in their own experiences. When they return to China, they don't want to democratize, right?

There are no political exiles in the United States who do not want China to achieve democratization in China.
Chinese people come to Japan on a large number of tours, go out to China with great pleasure, buying electric appliances not only for their own part but also for what they are asked by acquaintances.

People who demand democratization are not very few people? China has a style of China, which is not democratization. Most of the Chinese people are happy with it. That's right, isn't it?

Japan's mass media takes up only the few people who demand democracy and reports as if it were all. Japan's mass media will not touch on the many people who are satisfied without democratization. If Japan's mass media now reports that it is oppressing democratization, it's fake news, right?

Writers who have continued to advocate for democratization should know about a large number of people who are satisfied even if democratization does not occur. Has he continued to appeal for democratization without mentioning that? For what reason? For the writer, it has been a great success because he received the Nobel Prize, isn't it?

The Chinese Communist Party may know that if democratization is carried out in China today, it will have undesirable consequences?
Most people may not go to the poll because the election system is not fixed in the society. It may happen that only the members of the dark organization mobilize the organization vote and win their own convenient candidates.

As I do not know the detailed circumstances, I can not make a decision on the current Hong Kong anti-revision movement.

One important thing is that Hong Kong has been a base for those who have disguised the democratization movement and worked for other purposes in the last 20 years. This is no doubt.

It is quite possible for people outside China that are enemies of China to use China's domestic democracy movement. The international community definitely supports the democratization movement.

Those who seek democratization in Hong Kong need to prevent the democratization movement from being used for other purposes, while at the same time maintaining the principles they have to defend.

The Chinese Communist Party government should respect one billion people's will.
According to China's traditional philosophy, rulers are entrusted with the rule of China by heavenly order.
The government loses the trust of the people, the government is released from the mandate.
The administration that lost the people's trust will be replaced with the new administration that won the people's trust.
Zhou has declared the realization of Zhonghua. The Chinese Communist Party follows China's traditional ideology.

The Chinese Communist Party should respect the people's will of Hong Kong.

Let's leave things to mainland China to people in mainland China.
As long as Hong Kong accepts the return from Britain to China, it should respect the Chinese communist regime.
If this is not possible, the only option is to leave Hong Kong or to have a war with China to achieve full independence.

I think that Hong Kong members should achieve the trust and support of the Chinese Communist Party.
The Chinese Communist Party has declared the One country, two systems.
China should understand that historically, it is necessary to respect and accept the few who remain as they are.
I, as Japanese, hear that it is the Chinese (Zhonghua) that embraces everything.

Japanese mass media say that the NHK program broadcasted in China is blocked by Chinese documentaries, such as speech control.
Chinese people can come and see in Japan, so there is no such point of speech control, right?
Is it a content that is so biased?

Most of the people in Hong Kong's democratization movement are those who do not know anything about mainland China. I think that most people have never been to mainland China. Because they do not know anything, their imagination seems to expand, and it seems that their mind is ruled by fear.

Universities in China seem to be seeking active communication with universities and mass media around the world in recent years. Peking University's Web sight seems to be different in its composition in Mandarin and English. It seems that the English site is exploring communication with other countries.

My point of view may be biased, as I can only obtain information in the Japanese media, but I would like to tell everyone in China.

The above contents were also sent to SNS such as Chinese government, Beijing University, and Chinese newspaper.

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