No,007 I heard that Russia has declared its support for China's Belt ans Road concept. That would have been expected. It will have great significance in the world situation. The Chinese economy and the Russian economy will be a unified economic zone. This economic zone will have a huge impact on the whole world. What does it mean for Japan? ・・・ Theme label: Russian participation in Belt and Road, , Principles of Article 9 of the Japanese

I heard that Russia declared that it would support China's Belt and Road.

I heard that Russia declared that it would support China's Belt and Road. It would have been expected. It will have a big meaning in the world situation.
I think one of the things in common between the two countries is that they are large nations with a motive to choose hegemony.

With Russia participating in the Belt and Road initiative, both countries will confirm their interests. Other countries will have to face this.

First of all, regarding China, this country is home to a large population of Han people. Isn't this Han nationality need a destination for moving out of China?
Chinese who migrate do not immigrate to become a national of the country. As Chinese, they settle in that country.

I heard that China has a social culture called CLAN. The solidarity of the people who belong to the same CLAN is strong. Even if two people meet for the first time, if they know that they belong to the same CLAN, they can have a sense of solidarity like a family.
In this case, if the last names are the same, these two people may be the same CLAN.

And all Chinese share the CLAN tradition. In the CLAN tradition, rules have been established, and everyone in China obeys the rules. Those who share the CLAN tradition can understand how each other acts.
Therefore, those who share the CLAN tradition can trust each other.

Chinese people will classify people of the whole world into two categories: people of traditional culture of the tribes and people of different cultures.
If the tradition of CLAN and democratization are incompatible, Chinese will choose the tradition of CLAN.
The Communist Party of China should continue to be supported because it will continue to rule according to the tradition of CLAN.

People of different cultures with Chinese may not at times find it easy to accept Chinese.
If so, I think that Chinese who settle in other countries will support the Communist Party government of China over the government of that country.
It is a hegemony to move Chinese to other countries. I think that's why the military spread.

As I mentioned before, I think that the Russian economy has a strong character as an independent economy close to self-sufficiency in a state of isolation from the world economy. Therefore, war can be done with any country. Therefore, I think that all other countries are virtual enemy countries for Russia.
This current situation in Russia has probably been established in history.

Russia has continued to expand its land as Russian territory. And, when Russians settle on the expanded land, the Russian government tries to protect the land as Russians. This may be the principle of action of Russia.

For Russia, the land of Europe has always been a virtual enemy in need of defense, and it may have been a target to expand the territory where Russians settle.
However, until now the Russian economy was not strong enough, which was a constraint on Russia's military expansion. That might have saved European countries.

Now that Russia joins China's Belt and Road initiative, Russia's economy and China's economy will form a strong economic zone as a whole.

Russia will conduct economic exchanges with China, China will conduct economic exchanges with the world economy, and the Russia-China economic zone will achieve high growth in the economic cycle of the world economy.

When the Russian economy was isolated, it could not develop its potential, but with the establishment of the Russian-China economic zone, the Russian economy will develop its potential.

Russia should have that vision. Even at this point, we are focusing on space stations and contact spacecraft.

More than 100 years ago, Russia realized the Siberian Railway. A land transportation infrastructure connecting China and Europe would be feasible. Siberian railway by high-speed railway. Development of power supply that does not emit carbon dioxide. Innovation will be realized one after another.

As a result, the military power to confront Russia's neighboring countries will increase dramatically.
As mentioned above, for Russia, neighboring countries are potential enemy countries.
Russia wants to expand its land even a little for defense. And Russia wants the forefront of defense to be as far from Moscow as possible.

Russia has a history of continued aggression in the past.
The aggressor forced Russia to suffer many lives.
The Russian people are so aware.
The memories are passed on from the fathers to the people of Russia today.
I think this memory is the current principle of action in Russia.
Small countries in Europe are isolated and can not compete with Russia. The EU can not compete with Russia unless it is united as an EU.
The EU can not abandon small countries in the EU. The EU itself can not survive unless it achieves strong reunification across the EU.
The EU will have to overcome all obstacles to achieving EU reintegration.

If Russia secures a military port in Europe, Britain and Ireland will face military threats.

Since the current EU was militarily secure, may the major countries have made their domestic affairs a top priority?
The reason that the far-right party was able to rise is that many people only have the idea that if they refuse to accept refugees, everything will go away. Yes, everyone is looking only at domestic circumstances.

Refugees who are denied acceptance may become a new crisis for the country from now on. Refugees rejected by the EU may seek help from Russia and even China.
Russia and China will use the huge number of displaced refugees as a factor in managing the situation in a way that is favorable to them. It is natural.

For the EU, I think that the refugee issue will be nothing more than an issue against Russia and China.

For the United States as well, isn't NATO strengthening and security a problem that is related to the security of the United States itself?
As Russia and China are large nations that need hegemony, I think the security of these two countries and neighboring countries will directly lead to the security of the United States itself.

Finally, I will mention Japan.
I think the Security Treaty is extremely useful for the security of both Japan and the United States. I believe that Japan, which continues to comply with the current Constitution of Japan, is essential for the realization of the purpose of the Japan-US Security Treaty.
Japan will continue to adhere to pacifism unless it receives a military attack, and it is necessary for the purposes of the US-Japan Security Treaty.

I have mentioned the San Francisco Peace Conference, the San Francisco Peace Treaty, the UN Charter, and Japan's accession to the United Nations.
I mentioned that Japan's compliance with the current Constitution of Japan means that Japan complies with the principles of the UN Charter.
And, UN member states have argued that this should be respected and that the current Constitution of Japan should not be changed.

As a matter of fact, as long as Japan continues to comply with the current Constitution of Japan, can other countries do not decide to attack Japan for military attacks?

First, one question. Do you think Japan will continue to be pacifist if it receives a military attack?

I don't know. ... Japan may change the intention of pacifist to something entirely different. To date, Japanese have never considered such a case at all.

If Japan receives a military attack, the Self-Defense Forces, who never use weapons, may transform into something else. No one can imagine what kind of army the SDF will transform into.

Japanese people may be people who can not live only in the island country of Japan. So, when they realize that the islands of Japan are to be invaded, they are determined to fight seriously.
The wars that Japan has won in the past were all wars that faced the crisis that Japan would be invaded.
Japanese people in the past would have died if they could not win. Japanese can not survive if they lose the islands of Japan. I think Japanese people in the past would have decided to fight and die if they die anyway. I think Japanese people in the past have made it to a battle that does not consider continuing their own survival.

A country that recognizes the same as me will not try to launch a military attack on Japan.

So, from this point of view, Russia would be most beneficial to return the four northern islands spontaneously. I think Russia is worthwhile to persuade its own people. The Japanese seem to think that the four northern islands are part of the islands of Japan. Japan's islands were invaded and taken away by Russia. The Japanese will never forget this.

Many Japanese would be deeply afraid that they would not know when Japan would go into Russia's next invasion.
In world affairs, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future. What I just mentioned should be a source of misfortune for Russia. It is a situation where Japanese people take a battle not thinking about their own survival.

The Japanese do not want to get back four islands in war. The Japanese hope that Russia will voluntarily return the four northern islands to Japan. By that thing, I think that the Japanese wants to give relief to the heart.

However, I do not expect Russia to return the four northern islands voluntarily. I think that what I just mentioned is obsessive for Russia.
I wish the Russian government to confirm the obsessive notions that go upon them.
Russia may be driven by this obsession and run into a runaway to ruin.

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