NO.005 We propose to conclude a peace treaty between Japan and Russia with the US as an witness.

Let me propose a peace treaty between Japan and Russia.

A peace treaty is signed between Japan and Russia with the US as an witness. The Japan-US Security Treaty aims at peaceful stability of the situation around Japan. Russia approves and supports this.

Principles of peaceful stability in the East Asian situation through the Japanese Constitution and the Japan-US Security Treaty

 American interests are sought in the peaceful stability of the world situation. For the United States, the Japan-US Security Treaty is for that purpose.

The Japanese Constitution is a written text of the principles of the UN Charter, and declares strict adherence to the principles of the UN Charter of Japan. As such, it is shown in the preamble to the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Therefore, Japan strictly adheres to the Japanese constitution.

The Japan-US Security Treaty is predicated on Japan's strict adherence to the Japanese Constitution, and Russia approves and supports it.

America's will is peaceful stability of the world situation, so it supports the establishment of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia and becomes an witness.

I think the above is possible.

The human society has been trying to somehow avoid the tragedy of war. The human society has repeatedly tried to correct each failure, repeating repeated failures.

The post-World War I international federation should have been one of those attempts, the World Organization.

But the League of Nations also failed and World War II occurred. The cause of the failure of the League of Nations was studied, and the World Organization as the successor to the League of Nations built on that basis was the United Nations.

I think that the leaders at that time were keenly aware that the successor to the World Organization of the United Nations needed a responsible body. Therefore, I think that the United Nations was established in a form in which the countries called original members are responsible. And I think the United Nations continues to operate to date, with many new constructions.

Security of basic human rights and resolution of problems by peaceful means.
Many UN member states are now sharing the principles of the UN Charter based on these two principles.

Based on the above, I think it is possible to establish the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty with the US as the witness.

Participation in the Belt and Road of Russia will realize the peace treaty between Japan and Russia.

The United States hopes to seek profits in the peaceful stability of the situation.
However, the United States warns Russia as a military threat and assumes it as a virtual enemy country.
However, I think that if Russia proves that it wants peace, the United States will choose a peaceful and stable situation with Russia.

The realization of this will be participation in Russia's Belt and Road.

Russia that participated in Belt and Road will actively seek friendly relations with neighboring countries to gain economic benefits from Belt and Road.

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NO.306 Message to President Trump 41 ・・・ This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. The meaning of President Trump's declaration would be beneficial. The whole world will be able to implement projects that put all the will and power of the nation in order to overcome coronavirus infection. Keynes policy is needed. Many companies around the world are temporarily suspended. Many people are fired temporarily. People who have purchased products until now can no longer purchase products. The performance of companies that continue to do business deteriorates. This causes a recession. The government needs to hire the unemployed and keep paying them. The government orders the required number of respirators. If there is not enough production equipment, the government will expand.

NO.303 Message to President Trump 39 ・・・ Considerations as of March 17, 2020 Japan Time. Countries have jointly implemented maximum quantitative easing. The Fed has moved to a virtually zero interest rate. Entrepreneurs are not willing to use the investment funds provided. Stock prices fall because investors can't find investment opportunities. In the United States and Europe, entrepreneurs do not try to solve problems themselves. They wait for others to help them. Then, I propose Keynes's policy. The United States sets a national purpose and declares a state enterprise to achieve the purpose. Giving huge funds to the national business. If war, the US government could do this. This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. I suggest that Trump do this.

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