NO.004 I heard that Russia has declared its support for China's Belt ans Road concept. That would have been expected. It will have great significance in the world situation. The Chinese economy and the Russian economy will be a unified economic zone. This economic zone will have a huge impact on the whole world. What does it mean for Japan? ・・・ Theme label: Russian participation in Belt and Road, , Principles of Article 9 of the Japanese

I want to try to deter the war between China and Taiwan.

It is China's admission that Taiwan is a sovereign state that China will not resign the war with Taiwan. To deny the philosophy of "One China."
I think that would be enough if we declared this internationally.

China has a concept of Belt and Road. If this concept cannot be realized, everything should be meaningless to China. In order to realize this concept, it is necessary to obtain voluntary support from countries around the world.

Above all, getting American support should be the most important.

Other countries should support this concept just because they see China as a nation seeking peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity. Therefore, if the identity of China was recognized as the invaders, other countries, will withdraw support for China.

Other countries will be forced to act on the premise that they will tell China that they will be the target of the next invasion of China.

America has gained support from around the world. Various countries in the world offer the US the use of various home facilities, including military bases. Without the support of the United States, it would be impossible.

American intentions have been consistent. The United States seeks its own interests in the peaceful stability of the world situation. I'm willing to pay the necessary consideration to keep this up.
I think this has continued to be trusted.

Let's say that China has controlled the Nansha Islands with military power. The sea silk road will reach here. But can we maintain the maritime silk road from here to Europe?

No matter how strong a naval base is built in the Nansha Islands, the sea transport route from the Indian Ocean to Europe cannot be protected. For example, isn't India forgiving it?
The United States, declared the freedom of navigation up to the Indian Ocean, the support of this thing, it is understood to have been obtained from other countries.

This is because American policy is consistent.

No matter how China insists on the sovereignty of the Nansha Islands, the important point is whether or not other countries approve it.

If you are not an accident between China and the United States, you shouldn't have a military clash, because what is called the current economic war is caused by each other making it a necessary market for them. Is it there?
A military clash will destroy the market it needs.

Like Russia, is China a country where many ethnic groups live together in a vast country? China and Russia will not let their land become a conflict zone and become a hotbed of terrorism. It was. A country that has continued to fulfill its governance responsibilities.

I think that the performance should be evaluated. I have continued to prove competence. Over time, you should see what is important. I think China is now trying to calmly determine what it can do. Eventually, you will find a way to walk.

To me, the United States seems to trust the competence of the Chinese government. China seems to be confident that it will make good judgments and seems to continue to declare its will without fear of risk.

There is one concern. According to news reports, the Abe administration declares China as a security threat and is developing diplomacy that seems to be a war diplomacy against the countries of the Nansha Islands and India as if they were to block China internationally. The ... China, I think to be equal to have been declared to be a nation that violates the United Nations Charter.

When I hear the statement of the Abe administration, I feel anxious. “The security environment surrounding Japan has changed drastically compared to the Cold War era,” he says. The countries related to Japan will be judged calmly, but I think that the danger of Abe's diplomacy to cause a sudden accident is high.

I read a Japanese translation of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. According to the preamble, the enacted constitution of Japan was evaluated as a declaration of observance of the principles of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which seems to have concluded the conclusion of a peace treaty and membership of the United Nations. Japan's constitutional change is deemed to have withdrawn from observing these two principles.

I understand that Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is a rewrite of Article 1 of the United Nations Charter as a provision of the Japanese Constitution. Article 9 applies to sovereign states such as other UN member states. UN member countries respect the UN Charter. Therefore, the purpose of collective self-defense is to fight terrorism. Therefore, it is not necessary to list collective self-defense in Article 9.

There is no need to change Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution for the purposes of the Japan-US Security Treaty. And don't change. ···I think so.

If Japan changes Article 9, many countries will see Japan as an invading country. And if the provisions for the guarantee of basic human rights are effectively removed from the constitution, Japan will be regarded as a fascist state.
Then, the United States, an aggressor nation, I think that even more will be regarded as allies of fascism nation.

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NO.306 Message to President Trump 41 ・・・ This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. The meaning of President Trump's declaration would be beneficial. The whole world will be able to implement projects that put all the will and power of the nation in order to overcome coronavirus infection. Keynes policy is needed. Many companies around the world are temporarily suspended. Many people are fired temporarily. People who have purchased products until now can no longer purchase products. The performance of companies that continue to do business deteriorates. This causes a recession. The government needs to hire the unemployed and keep paying them. The government orders the required number of respirators. If there is not enough production equipment, the government will expand.

NO.303 Message to President Trump 39 ・・・ Considerations as of March 17, 2020 Japan Time. Countries have jointly implemented maximum quantitative easing. The Fed has moved to a virtually zero interest rate. Entrepreneurs are not willing to use the investment funds provided. Stock prices fall because investors can't find investment opportunities. In the United States and Europe, entrepreneurs do not try to solve problems themselves. They wait for others to help them. Then, I propose Keynes's policy. The United States sets a national purpose and declares a state enterprise to achieve the purpose. Giving huge funds to the national business. If war, the US government could do this. This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. I suggest that Trump do this.

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